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where the soul glows and grows by Awakening, Balancing or Centering Delight

 as laughter in consonance with the Rhythms of the Breath and the Universe

meditative reflections for healing

13 "I" ways to a full and creative life


A fundamental Cosmological principle

         I am growing with the awareness that there are no spare parts in the Universe. The term 'Integral' both as a concept and a mystical reality fits everything and everyone perfectly. Derived from the Latin word integer 'integral' means entire, necessary to make up the whole -INFINITE- essential, fundamental or complete. Hence, 'Integral Guidance' leads everyone to experience and express WHOLENESS everywhere and in everything.


A post-scientific CULTURAL perspective

        What many seekers describe to be Wholeness, the Universe, Multiverse or Nature, most religious people define as GOD : the male and/or female Source that Generates/creates, Organizes/sustains and Destroys/evolves. According to scientists 'God' is a Gap in history where science has not yet evolved to explain the mystery, the unknown or the indescribable and intelligent Source. I presume, you will understand this reality in the light of your own experience of compassion and capacity to be compassionate, depending whether you adopt an archaic/primal, mythic/literal, scientific/rational, pluralistic/multi-cultural, holistic/relational or mystic/integral worldview.


A post-religious MYSTICAL outlook

         "Gracefully, THIS is fragrant! Gratefully, THAT is fragrant! Simply, THIS is what comes from FORM, while peacefully unfolding centrifugal energies and growing as fullness. THAT is what remains after emptiness, while playfully enfolding centripetal consciousness and glowing as freedom. Blend fullness or emptiness with THIS transient and tiny experience as revelation or with THAT transparent and tranquil expression as creation. All that remains is fragrance, WHOLENESS or Integral Union." This is how I choose to translate the text by a Practicioner of Yoga/Union [Brihadāranyaka Upanishad 5.1.1] in Sanskrit - "Om, Pūrnamadah Pūrnamidam, Pūrnāt Pūrnamudachyate. Pūrnasya Pūrnamāddāya Pūrnamevāvashishyate." पूर्णमद: पूर्णमिदम् पूर्णात् पूर्ण मुदच्यतेपूर्णस्य पूर्णमादाय पूर्णमेवावशिष्यते।।


With Christ-like wisdom

         Jesus of Nazareth, a good man, a Jewish preacher and an integral guide became the central figure of Christianity as divine union. In the Gospel of John [10/10] Jesus, annointed as the Christ, describes WHOLENESS as abundance or Fullness of Life : Infinity, Intimacy and Integrity In-harmony with Impermanence as Baptismal Innocence = Perfection in Imperfection ["I tell you the truth, ..., you did it to me!" Mt 25/40 - "Yet not my will but Yours be done." Lk 22/42] with these exhortations addressed to his followers:

 "You are the light of the world" [Mt 5/14] if you

"Love one another as I have loved you" [Jn 13/34ff] by forgiving [Lk 23/34]

 and experience the Universe as a personal relationship with Abba [Rom 8/15ff]

as "you in me and I in them, that they may be brought to perfection as one" [Jn 17/23].


Beyond Matter, Life and Consciousness - direct Knowing

         The goal of Integral Guidance is to empower the traveler to grasp the ultimate experience with the ineffable Reality as the Unconscious, Conscious and Supra-conscious Energies and to establish the impermanently permanent connection with the Source of Love or Integral Being [the Circle without a Circumference]. As PRAYER or Mysticism, Wholeness is a Gift of Delight. It is my story and yours as we glow and grow with Life, Law, Love and Light.


The A B C D of selfless COMPASSION

         While unfolding [moving from the center of] our stories, I would describe Integral Guidance as the most inclusive path that leads the individual to experience, recognize, express and enjoy wholeness as integral connectedness or HAPPINESS. It is a compassionate service of being present to or accompanying the individual or a group to

Awaken the desire to be less negative and more positive with grateful awareness of one’s PRESENT opportunities, shadows, challenges and resources;

Balance one's life with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual gifts and limitations while taking the higher/narrow road (Mt 7/13-14) with the greatest/divine POWER; and

Center those beliefs, choices, practices and habits that lead to GROWING relaxation, vitality, happiness and peace with or without a faith tradition, meditation or medication

Delightfully GLOWING with virtuous actions and disciplined behaviors along the journey to responsibility and maturity with compassion and enlightenment as a social being on Earth.


Simply Full, Freely Empty - PLAYFUL

        My simple approach to health, wealth and stealth [transformation through trust and inner work] is the breath. Please pause. Pay attention to the RHYTHM of your breath:

SIMPLY - Breathing in air through your nostrils while glowing/enfolding centripetal consciousness;

FULL - Flowing gratefully in every organ as the breath travels all over your body;

FREELY - Breathing out into the atmosphere while growing/unfolding centrifugal energies;

EMPTY - Experiencing the pause / silence as you rest playfully with Nature/Universe/Source/God.


Let us love [glow and grow] unconditionally

         Let us repeat this process consciously or unconsciously. This is what life is all about - breathing in and out 17000 times every single day while the human heart beats 3 billion times during an average life span. For as long as the 85 billion neurons in every grown human brain make 100 trillion connections, let us love unconditionally by Awakening, Balancing or Centering Delight in God's power present in our bodies, minds, hearts and souls. Let us LAUGH with attention to intention as we BREATHE while glowing and growing in harmony with the Rhythm of the Universe: FULLNESS and EMPTINESS as WHOLENESS.

         Integral development mirrors change in the Universe as PULL inward or breathe in freedom [integral consciousness as revelation] all over the body; and PUSH outward or breathe out form [as energy, matter, life, Spirit] all over creation. From neuroscientists like Jay Lombard I learn that the human brain experiences the soul as billions of connections like the stars in the known Universe: The Mind of God [2017]. “Truth? Even if an answer exists, verification is impossible” according to Paul Kalanithi in When breath becomes air [2016]. Abhijit Naskar in Principia Humanitas [2017] concludes that being truly human is all that matters. As humanity moves towards a civilization with a soul in the  light  of my Integral perspectives, the primal soul is no longer archaic but God [mythic]. God is no longer literal, but observable connections [scientific]. Multi-cultural connections are no longer rational, but a civilization with a heart [pluralistic]. THE mystic  soul  respects and reaches out to ALL [1Cor 9/22] that seek meaningful and lasting relationships [holistic]. With civility, responsibility and maturity integral civilizations [Lk 2/14] expand/PUSH or PULL/shrink gracefully, gratefully, peacefully and playfully with God, Nature, Universe or The Source.


TESTIMONIALs/feedback - Meditation -


Bringing the world together with HUMOR

         TODAY, as I embrace the Universal Breath and let the Source laugh with me, I realize that there are no spare parts in the universe. Everything and everyone fits in perfectly. I am reminded of a story that I often use as an illustration. A student held in his hands a jig-saw puzzle with 100 pieces of every ocean and continent on Earth. As he opened the package and placed the various pieces on the desk, he realized that he was working on two puzzles at the same time, for every scattered piece had images on both sides but with different colors. Some of the images resembled parts of the human anatomy in warm colors and were more familiar than the cool colored watery holes and unknown land masses. The wise beginner opted to put the known image of the human person together. In no time he solved the puzzle. While he set the individual person in harmony he also brought the world together. This story is also my story. May you find in it glowing vibrations of perceptual light, emotional insight and spiritual delightblissfully with Integral Humor and Laughter!


The positive and creative power of EXPERIENCE

         May we taste SWEETNESS with every breath: A Jewish proverb says: 'man thinks, and God laughs.' I would like to add: as humanity laughs, God breathes sweetness through you and me, and the Universe continues to evolve both beyond and towards Perfection. May this breath taste sweet. I am enamored by Rabindranath Tagore’s mystical writings especially this verse “Thou gavest thyself to me in love and then feelest thy own sweetness in me." I would like to share with you a multi-sensorial practice I recommend to many of my clients. After they identify and remember an experience of relaxation, I encourage them to re-experience it with the five senses and create powerful imagery around it. Next, I suggest that they create an anchor with each of their five fingers while associating them with seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting. Finally, they hold onto it with their non-dominant clenched fist. This anchor can make it possible to re-experience the positive and creative power of that experience whenever they choose.


The Integral Witness and Mystic IN-HARMONY

        Today, as we recall Delight with the five senses, please use your imagination [Integral Witness] and breath [Integral Mystic - Universe breathing in and through you] to create images and anchors to see delight visually as Beauty, hear it as Harmony, feel it as Orgasmic Vibrations, smell the Fragrance of Innocence, and taste the Sweetness of Life here and now.


Beyond memories of painful hurts the joy of mercy

          Sadly, I have come across individuals and organizations that are bitter. Some of them are my friends and I have known them for over 50 years. I guess there is a reason and a purpose under the sun why they are that way. I let them be and surrender them to the power of the Universe. Still, it saddens me to learn of their sufferings as embittered, dissatisfied, disillusioned, disheartened or disenchanted personalities disappointed with life. The Integral Psychotherapist in me wishes I could do something to help them understand the blocks or overcome the shadows that stagnate their functioning and evolutionary growth. The Integral Mystic in me recommends forgiveness. I hope they choose to cultivate the higher energy of mercy, let go memories of painful hurts and discover the joy of living unencumbered lives. As they breathe sweetness may they see beauty all around them, hear the harmony of mercy, smell the fragrance of eternity and touch vibrations of communion at all levels of nature and nurture.


Gracefully, Gratefully, Peacefully and PLAYFULLY

         As we transform the bars into stars and our frogs into princes beyond the negative and positive energies of life patterns, attitudes and experiences, may our imperfections transcend to Perfection with our motivation to be ONE, Whole and happy. May the Integral Mystic be our reward as the Universe manifests and evolves in our bodies, minds, hearts and souls.

Gracefully - Breathing in, I am aware of air entering in me

Gratefully  - I relax as I let the Universe embrace my body fully

Peacefully  - Breathing out, I surrender everything that is mine

Playfully    - I smile and experience Sweetness beyond Emptiness


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