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Yes! INTEGRAL GUIDANCE : Universal, Interfaith, Catholic

 LIGHT AND DELIGHT Perfection in Imperfection

where the soul glows and grows by Awakening, Balancing or Centering

 laughter in consonance with the Rhythms of the Breath and the Universe

Coelho's Integral Art - Pray for Me: 360 Mirrors of Wholeness


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I am growing with the awareness that there are no spare parts in the Universe. The term 'Integral' both as a concept and a mystical reality fits everything and everyone perfectly. Derived from the Latin word integer 'integral' means entire, necessary to make up the whole, complete, essential or fundamental. Hence, 'Integral Guidance' leads everyone to experience and express WHOLENESS in everything.

         What many seekers describe to be Wholeness, the Universe or Nature, most religious people define as GOD.  According to scientists 'God' is a Gap in history where science has not yet evolved to explain the mystery, the unknown or the indescribable and intelligent Source. I presume, you will understand this reality in the light of your own experience of compassion and capacity to be compassionate, depending whether you adopt an archaic/primal, mythic/literal, scientific/rational, pluralistic/multi-cultural, holistic/relational or mystic/integral worldview.

         'Gracefully, THIS is fragrant! Gratefully, THAT is fragrant!

Simply, THIS is what comes from FORM, unfolding centrifugal energies, growing as fullness.

THAT is what remains after emptiness, enfolding centripetal consciousness, glowing as freedom.

Blend this and that with fullness or emptiness. All that remains is fragrance' or Integral Union.

This is how I choose to translate the text by a Practicioner of Yoga/Union [Brihadāranyaka Upanishad 5.1.1] in Sanskrit - 'Om, Pūrnamadah Pūrnamidam, Pūrnāt Pūrnamudachyate. Pūrnasya Pūrnamāddāya Pūrnamevāvashishyate.'

         Jesus of Nazareth, a good man, a Jewish preacher and an integral guide who became the central figure of Christianity as divine union, described abundance  [Jn 10/10] or Fullness of Life [Infinity, Intimacy and Integrity In-harmony with Impermanence as Baptismal Innocence = Perfection in Imperfection] with these exhortations addressed to his followers

 'You are the light of the world' [Mt 5/14] if you

'Love one another as I have loved you' [Jn 13/34ff] by forgiving [Luke 23/34]

 and experience the Universe as a personal relationship with Abba [Rom 8/15ff]

as 'you in me and I in them, that they may be brought to perfection as one' [Jn 17/23].

         The goal of Integral Guidance is to empower the traveler to grasp the ultimate experience with the ineffable Reality as the Unconscious, Conscious and Supra-conscious Energies and to establish the impermanently permanent connection with the Source of Love or Integral Being [the Circle without a Circumference]. As PRAYER or Mysticism, Wholeness is a Gift of Delight. It is my story and yours as we glow and grow with Life, Law, Love and Light.

         While unfolding [moving from the center of] our stories, I would describe Integral Guidance as the most inclusive path that leads the individual to experience, recognize, express and enjoy wholeness as integral connectedness or HAPPINESS. It is a compassionate service of being present to or accompanying the individual or a group to

1- Awaken the desire to be less negative and more positive with grateful awareness of one’s PRESENT opportunities, shadows, challenges and resources;

2- Balance one's life with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual gifts and limitations while taking the higher road with greater POWER; and

3- Center those beliefs, choices, practices and habits that lead to GROWING relaxation, vitality, happiness and peace with or without a faith tradition, meditation or medication

4- Delightfully GLOWING with virtuous actions and disciplined behaviors along the journey to responsibility and maturity with compassion and enlightenment as a social being on Earth.

         My simple approach to health, wealth and stealth [transformation through trust and inner work] is the breath. Please pause. Pay attention to the RHYTHM of your breath:

i. SIMPLY - Breathing in air through your nostrils while glowing/enfolding centripetal consciousness;

ii. FULL - Flowing gratefully in every organ as the breath travels all over your body;

iii. FREELY - Breathing out into the atmosphere while growing/unfolding centrifugal energies;

iv. EMPTY - Experiencing the pause / silence as you rest playfully with Nature/Universe/Source/God.

          Let us repeat this process consciously or unconsciously. This is what life is all about - breathing in and out 17000 times every single day. For as long as we live, let us love unconditionally by Awakening, Balancing or Centering Delight in God's power present in our bodies, minds, hearts and souls. Let us LAUGH with attention to intention as we BREATHE while glowing and growing in harmony with the Rhythm of the Universe - FULLNESS and EMPTINESS as WHOLENESS.” Ariosto J. Coelho


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