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Prologue                                                                                                                   Page

        What is a Blessing? [blǣdsian, benedīcere, benção                               i

        A bensanv or axirvād in Goa, India                                                             i          

        May you Be Blessed, … as you taste sweetness on Earth                        ii

        ABC of Spiritual Direction – A Poem                                                         ii

        I am grateful to many Individuals and Institutions                                   iii

        “May you always be happy - Seja sempre feliz!                                      iv

Contents                                                                                                                    v



        1901-2017 Family in Aquem, Goa and San Bruno, California               ix

        1967-1994 Youth Worker with the Salesians of Don Bosco                   x

        1994-2017 A Married Priest in the San Francisco Bay Area                  xi

        1997-2017 A Licensed Psychotherapist with SMC BHRS                      xii

        1950-2017 Artist, Author, Awards and Recognition                                xii


Dear Breathing Soul – Be Blessed

        with Life as Laughter … Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

1 A Letter to the Younger Generations and All who believe in them

        You are the Mirrors of the Future                                       1

2 An Open Letter to the Post-1995 Generation

        Are you ready to face the world?                                       1

3 A Letter to All Courageous and Visionary Souls

        LET US BE MIRRORS OF PROMISE                                                      4

4 A Letter to Every Soul that seeks Peace on Earth

        LET US BE MIRRORS OF PEACE                                                            5

5 A Letter to ancient mystics, prophets, poets, sages and yogis

        Beyond meditation - Integral Being                                    6

6 A Letter to meditators, spiritual writers and wise readers

        meditation - “EASY DOES IT” - the āshram spirit             7

7 A Letter to All Breathing Human Beings

        breathing with attention to intention                            8

8 A letter to those interested in breathing consciously

        A Breathing Practice: The Three Breaths                        9

9 A Letter to 7.5 billion Human Beings with Feelings

        SpectrUM of Negativity or Positivity                                 10

10 A First Letter to All People who care to Laugh

        Laugh and the World Laughs with you                             11

11 A Second Letter to All People who care to Laugh

        trust in a civilization with a heart                                    13

12 A Third Letter to All People who care to Laugh

        Laughter as Happiness mirrors all Mirrors                 14

13 A Letter to all interested in Art and Light

        Drawing the Light Within - “Art Therapy”                       16

14 A Letter to all interested in Happiness

        How to lead a happy life                                                   17

15 A Letter to You – if interested in living fully this moment

        Awaken, Balance or Center Light                             17

16 A Letter to the Meditator and Lover of Silence

        THE FOUR CIRCLES OF Silence                                             20


Dear believer in Christ - Be Blessed

        with Love as Breath … Parents, Children, Relationships

17 A Letter to 2.18 billion Christian Souls

Jesus’ breath is God’s breath                                         22

18 A Second Letter to 2.18 billion Christian Souls

        Abba - Unconditional Acceptance                               23

19 A Third Letter to 2.18 billion Christian Souls

        Maranatha - Welcome Resilience                                  23

20 A Fourth Letter to 2.18 billion Christian Souls

Shalom - Peaceful Impermanence                                24

21 A Fifth Letter to 2.18 billion Christian Souls

        Ooteeshbokhta - Glorious Celebration                 24

22 A Sixth Letter to 2.18 billion Christian Souls

        The Mystical Lord’s Prayer                                            25

23 A Seventh Letter to 2.18 billion Christian Souls

        Jesus of Nazareth - The Christ                                      26

24 A Letter to Parishioners of St. John’s in Hayward, California

        How do we communicate our Faith in christ?  27

25 A Letter to Bishops and Church Leaders in the USA


26 A Letter to all who celebrate Christmas – The Mystery of Birth

        Birthing Divine Conscience today                              29

27 A Letter to all who celebrate Easter – The Mystery of Re-Birth

        STAYING YOUNG WITH THE RISEN CHRIST                      30

28 A Letter to a 15-year old Girl, her parents, family and friends

        like Mary may you glow with divine beauty   33

29 A Letter to a 15-year old Boy and Christian Men of all ages

        like joseph may you grow with divinity               35

30 A Letter to Christian Mystics and Believers in Wholeness

        Recognition of Wholeness - JESUS CHRIST              35

31 A Letter to Christians seeking or experiencing Transformation

        The Transformative Power of the Breath          36


Dear Family and Friends - Be Blessed

        In-harmony Now … Infinity, Intimacy, Integrity

with the mind of a teacher - MEMOIRS

32 With love from many Teachers in Aquem                                        38

33 Attracted to become an Educator and a Social Worker                   39

34 Teaching Math, Chemistry, Hindi, Latin, Drill and Morals           39

35 Learning to educate the young in Italy, France, USA, …              40

36 Collaborating with Excellent Teachers in California                      40

37 Today, Praying with the mind of a teacher                                       41


38 A variety of healing practices at home in Aquem                           42  

39 Grateful to all who have cared for me with the Salesians              43

40 Family Therapy and Art Psychotherapy in California                    45

41 Today, Praying with the mind of a healer                                         46


42 At Home: My Pencil Drawing is an Icon for Prayer                       47

43 From simple notice boards to major art exhibitions                        48

44 Integral Art and Mandalas in California                                           48

45 Art Therapy and The San Bruno Painting Group                             49

46 More Inspirational Artists                                                                     50

47 My Integral art awakens the soul to the spiritual                             51

48 Today, Praying is bringing Light with Delight                                 51


49Give me souls, take away the rest.” Don Bosco                            52

50 The Heart of the Priesthood                                                                 52

51 Conflicts as a Married Catholic Priest                                                53

52 A wounded healer finding Perfection in imperfection                    55

53 The Healing Circle [Awakens the Infinite Power of Hope]           56

54 The Mystic Circle [Balances the Intimacy of Love]                       57

55 The Empty Circle [centers the Integrity of Faith]                            57

56 The Painting Circle [energizes Impermanence]                              58

57 The Giving Circle [Delights In-harmony]                                        59

58 Praying with the Zeal of a Priest today                                             60


Dear Lover of Stories - Be Blessed

        with Wholeness … Learn, Unlearn, Re-learn

59 1560 -My 18th Great grandfather Tipú Santú Naik Sardessai,

       Padre Sebastião Coelho and Roman Catholic Baptism- 1950    61

60 Reminiscences of Pandvam Copel in Aquem-Alto                         62

61 Escola Primaria de Santa Terezinha in Aquem-Alto                     64

62 How the Risen Christ led me to Don Bosco                                     64

63 A day that changed the History of Goa: December 19, 1961        65

64 At a loss for words in Portuguese and Konkani

        after learning English, Latin Hindi and Marathi                     66

65 Pre-University at St. Anthony’s College in Shillong                       67

66 Social and Youth work in Tamil Villages                                          69

67 Challenging Assignments                                                                    69

68 Towards a B. A. with Honors in Hindi Literature                           71

69 Preparing to lead the RC Church in India from 1974                     71

70 Holy Week and Easter 1977 as a Deacon in Baroda, Gujarat       72

71 Immediate Steps towards Ordination                                                 73

72 The day I became a Catholic Priest - December 21, 1977

        Mandalas in-harmony as my hands are anointed and kissed      75

73 On Good Friday1978 I was introduced at Don Bosco Farm          77

74 The miracles I witnessed and the challenges we faced                  78

75 Recalling a few adventures in the wild with Br. Ludvik                79

76 Recalling adventures in the wild with Fr. Moja and others           80

77 Vision and Action as a Provincial Councilor 1982-88

        Mission with the Breath of the Risen Christ in Goa, Bombay,

        The Western Region of Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India

        The Delegation of East Africa: Kenya, Tanzania and Sudan    81

78 Salesian Provincials' Conference of India in Sulcorna                   82

79 Last Thanksgiving Mass as a Provincial Councillor                        82

80 Showers of Blessings after Pai’s death on November 6, 1987      84

81 My Personal Vocation and Don Bosco                                              87

82 Ministry in the Archdiocese of San Francisco [1989-93]              88

83 How the Risen Christ led me to Vivian Marrone Basus                 89

84 Victims of terrorism in unholy Holy Land                                       90

85 The Pearl of Great Price                                                                        92

86 Vivian re-visits Goa on September 30, 1993                                    92

87 The Wedding Liturgy – March 22, 1994                                          93

88 My life changed significantly for the worse - Crucifixion?           94

89 Towards gainful employment                                                             96

90 A reflection re: Good Friday 2016                                                     97

91 El Buen Pastor Fr. Ricardo Frances’ Funeral                                   100


Dear World Leader - Be Blessed

        with Trust and Truth … Gracefully, Gratefully, Peacefully

92 Listening to Revelation from World Myths                                      102

93 Listening to Inspiration from World leaders                                     104

94 With the mind of a Teacher - Mohandas K. Gandhi [1869-1948] 105

95 With the heart of a Healer - Teresa of Calcutta [1910-97]            107

96 With the soul of an Artist - Pablo Picasso [1881-1973]                 109

97 With the zeal of a Priest - Pope John Paul II [1920-2005]             110

98 Please pray with me - For you are a world leader!                          112

99 May the world be our prayer                                                               113

100 May prayer rule the world [A Poem on 2016-06-18]                   114



        Towards a civilization with a heart  -Moimāshram                       116

        Playfully with Spiritual Direction    -The Shelter of Glory          116


V - Writings and Publications by the Author                                         117

W - Artworks and Exhibitions                                                                  118

X - Awards and Recognition                                                                     119

Y - A Letter on Ash Wednesday, February 9, 2005

        Setting the record straight with the Archdiocese of SF                120

Z - A Reflection emailed on December 21, 2015 to Salesians

        Intentional amnesia, culpable negligence or distortions?             121




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