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Dedication                                                                                     3


Preface                                                                                          4

A leap into painless forgetfulness or eternal loss of consciousness     4

Is death or resurrection the end or a new beginning?                         5

Partnering with my prayerful imagination as wholeness                    6

      A Note on Steppingstones [S], Footnotes and Bibliography         7

      Book 1: With the Coelhos of Aquem, A Pilgrim       Miraculous 7

      Book 2: With Fr. Cajetan Lobo and Don Bosco        Youthful    7

      Book 3: With Kabirdas I breathe, therefore I am       Poetic         8

      Book 4: With Vardhan, Limitless beyond Darkness Shadowy    9

      Book 5: With Vivian I learn to be the right Partner   Blissful      10

The fragrance of eternity TODAY                                                   11


Contents                                                                                        12


Chapter 1

      Journeying with Miraculous Imagination

      A Christian Pilgrim from Aquem, Goa

S1 With Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal                                     20

      Virgem Milagrosa” or “Vizmitanchi Saibin Mãe

S2 1950/10/07 My first wonder-filled Journey                                  21

      To the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary in Navelim, Goa

      To accept life with God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit

S3 The First Baptism in South Goa - A mythological story                22

S4 The Christian Foundations                                                         24

1. Baptismal Promises

2. Love gives and forgives

S5 1957/09/30 A walk to the monastery in Aquem                           26

      To the Chapel of St. Thérèse of Lisieux, the Little Flower

      To accept my limitations and Communion with Jesus Christ

S6 Sacramental Spirituality can be Excremental!                              28

      Practical recommendations for Total Health

S7 1988/08/06 A journey into the void of nothingness                      30

      Beyond the Basilica of Bom Gesù & the Cathedral in Old Goa

      Total surrender like St. Francis Xavier and St. Joseph Vaz

S8 St. Joseph Vaz – A Short Story “The Angelic Priest”                   32

S9 Spirituality: The Shelter of Glory beyond The Empty Tomb!        36

      The Cloud of Unknowing and the Void of Nothingness

      The day the Universe embraced me

S10 1992/11/16 From Golgotha to San Francisco                             38

      From the Graceful Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem

      We walked away grateful to be alive after a terrorist attack

S11 The Pilgrim’s Journey: A Story of Jesus, Mary and Joseph         40

      "Be it done unto me according to thy will." Lk 1/38

S12 1953/10/18 From Aquem Baixo, Goa to Palo Alto, CA              43

      Radiant Journeys with ABBA and the Silent Wonderworker

      Chapel of St. Joseph, the husband of Mary in Davorlim, Goa

S13 St. Joseph of Nazareth: God’s Mysterious Clown!                      45

      Mary’s precious and happy clown hereafter

S14 1954/02/26 With the Rhythm of Christ’s Breath                        47

      Abba - Maranatha - Shalom - Ooteeshbokhta [Delight or Moima]

      Pandvam Copel dedicated to St. Sebastian in Aquem Alto, Goa

S15 The Miracle of the Risen Christ                                                48

      The transformative power of the Spirit or Breath

S16 Praying with Abba -Unconditional Acceptance                          50 

      Breath 1 with the mind of a teacher

S17 Praying with Maranatha – Welcome Resilience                         51

      Breath 2 with the heart of a healer                                         

S18 Praying with Shalom – Peaceful Impermanence                         51

      Breath 3 with the soul of an artist

S19 Praying with Ooteeshbokhta – Glorious Celebration                  52

      Breath 4 with the zeal of a priest

S20 2012/05/20 from San Bruno to Ephesus in Turkey                     52

      At Mother Mary’s House the Shrine of Meryem Ana Evì

      “Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with you.” Lk 1/28

S21 Spirituality as breathing Wholeness                                          54

      Infinity, Intimacy and Integrity In-harmony


Chapter 2

Journeying with youthful imagination

A little rabbit [Coelho] and a big wolf [Lobo]

      Fr. Lobo’s Centering Prayer and Fr. Coelho’s Integral Prayer

      with Eucharistic Spirituality and the Salesians of Don Bosco

      where life is colorless, borderless, selfless and guiltless

S22 First meeting with Fr. Lobo at Dom Bosco in Pangim, Goa         57

S23 My first exam in religion with Fr. Lobo                                     58

S24 Fr. Cajetan Lobo, the first Salesian of Don Bosco from Goa       59

S25 Fr. Lobo’s Centering Prayer and Fr. Coelho’s Integral Prayer     62

Praying with the White Host - A Mandala of Unity in Diversity

      History, Catholic Traditions and Salesian Community Life

      where trust and truth unfold and enfold as prayer

S26 Historical judgments, physical evidence, mathematical truths     65

S27 “To study history well, remember a name, a date and a fact.”      67

S28 The White Host: my Mandala of Unity in Diversity – Colorless? 70

S29 May prayer rule the world [Mandala 2016]                               71

Praying with the Up and Down Host - A Mandala of Intimacy

      Geography, Human Connections and Relationships

S30 Where infinity and eternity meet in every breath                        72

S31 “Heat from below and pressure from above …” – Borderless?    73

S32 Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ! [Mandala 2013-19]                      75

Praying with the Round Host -A Mandala of Gratitude

      Where true wealth is being divine: giving thanks, forgiving

      Economics, Capitalism, Socialism, ‘Other-isms’ and the Poor

S33 Life on a spectrum of energies that can go low or high               76

S34 Thanks-giving like the breath has a fourfold process:                 77

            Awakening the gift

            Balancing new wealth

            Centering the positive and creative energies

            Delight in glorious wholeness

S35 “Demand and supply control the markets and surplus”               79

      Where grateful people are happy people

      Selfless: The Giving Circle - The Church of Delight

S36 Recall, record and treasure the gifts you are grateful for             81

 Like selfless giving, gratitude is a choice

1.       Gratitude has endless benefits

2.       Gratitude even helps with sleep issues

3.       Gratitude boosts happiness by 25%

4.       Happiness creates success

5.       Your Happiness Set-Point

6.       Gratitude is a choice

7.       Gratitude takes effort

8.       Stop being a little bitch “feeling sorry for yourself …”

9.       Keep a Daily Gratitude Journal

S37 As I choose to live gratefully [Mandala 2016]                           83

I learn to pray selflessly

1. with the mind of a teacher with a positive mindset to share

2. with the heart of a healer as a service or ministry of presence

3. with the soul of an artist as a service of bringing light and delight

4. with the zeal of a priest as a service of leadership with passion

Praying with the Cross on the Host – A Mandala of Forgiveness    85

Growing with the Spirit in a Body, Mind, Heart, Soul, Environment

      where Imperfection is Perfection, Wholeness in a Wounded World

S38 Pierced with the pain of humanity                                             85

S39 With Technology and 5 Healing Practices                 86

      Towards the Future in a Wounded World

S40 Forgiveness like the breath has a fourfold process                      88

S41 Learning from Fr. Lobo’s Words and Deeds                              90

      Where Imperfection finds Perfection - Guiltless WHOLENESS

            Lesson 1. Humility

            Lesson 2. Determined Resolve

            Lesson 3. Gracefully “I can do all things …”

            Lesson 4. Gratefully like Mother Mary

S42 As I learn to accept the cross and forgive gracefully                   92

      I pray with Baptismal Innocence guiltless

      [A Multi-Faith Poem - Mandala 2011]


Chapter 3

      Journeying with Poetic Imagination

      Sant Kabirdas: the song, flavor and essence of India’s soul

S43 The 500th anniversary of Kabir’s death at Maghar, India             94

S44 Can I say that God led me to Kabir’s Mysticism or Rahasyavād? 95

S45 Poetic Imagination                                                                   97

A Mandala of Infinity

Journeying with the Root [Muladhara] Chakra

To open the Wheel of Material Existence

Oh seeker, recognize the real teacher and the God of truth.

S46 “If God and the teacher were to stand in front of me,                  98

I’d bow first to the teacher, who introduced me to God.”

S47 Why the need for a teacher?                                                    100

S48 The first direction awakens the soul to the spiritual.                  102

Sixty-three Transformative Teachings to grow and glow

[7 x 9] Daily Affirmative Practices with Light and Delight

A Mandala of Intimacy

Journeying with the Sacral [Svadhistana] Chakra

To Balance your Power Wheel with Sweetness

Oh seeker, rest in the Fragrance of Eternity here and now

S49 “The deer searches for fragrance in the entire forest                  104

      Until at last its nose rests on its navel and finds it there.”

S50 The second direction strikes a new balance                              106

A Mandala of Integrity

Journeying with the Solar Plexus [Manipura] Chakra

To Center the Energy of Sex and Relationships

Oh seeker, seek the gem of Creativity with a Moral Compass

S51 “Why look for God in the temple, mosque or church?               107

He is to be found in every breath one takes.”

S52 The third direction centers attention with intention.                  109

A Mandala of Impermanence

Journeying with the Heart [Anahata] Chakra

To Delight in Transformation

Oh lover, learn, un-learn and re-learn                                      

S53 “Not by learning from books, but by loving does one love.”      110

S54 Adaptability with the proper use of technology                         112

S55 The fourth direction leads to Delightful Compassion.                115

A Mandala of connecting with Pure Intention

Journeying with the Throat [Visuddha] Chakra

To let God, let go ego gracefully and gratefully

Oh healer, Surrender the duality of Inner and Outer worlds.

S56 “Water inside and outside the pot.                                            116

Break the pot, it’s water everywhere.”

S57 Nine practices for healing in harmony with pure Intention         117 

S58 The fifth direction lets God, let go ego                                     122

A Mandala of Power beyond Illumination

Journeying with the Third-Eye [Ajna] Chakra

To penetrate every duality with vibrations of perfection

Let all decisions radiate peacefully with Light of the Beloved

S59 With the radiance of my Beloved everything is radiant        123

S60 Light and Vision as Reality                                                     124

S61 Light as a Metaphor                                                                126

S62 The sixth direction radiates peacefully                                     127

A Mandala of Righteous Immortality

Journeying to the Crown [Sahasrara] Chakra

To be blissfully healthy and happy LAUGH all the way

Awaken, Balance, Center Delight playfully with LOVE

S63 When you are born you cry, everyone around you laughs.         128

When you die make sure you laugh while everyone cries!

S64 Mysticism: The Immortal Path of Righteousness                      131

S65 I breathe [SIMPLY FULL, FREELY EMPTY],                        133

      Therefore, I am [IN HARMONY WITH THE UNIVERSE]

S66 The Power of the Breath and My Magic Synthesis                    135

Om, Viva, Xānti, Moima

S67 Awakening, Balancing or Centering Delight                            136

S68 Laughter and Silence                                                              137

Awakening, Balancing and Centering Delight

S69 A variety of mystical journeys and inner voices                        140

S70 The seventh direction embraces everything and everyone          142


Chapter 4

Journeying with SHADOWY Imagination

      With Vardhan beyond the Darkness

S71 A dream on March 29, 2017                                                    144

      -The shattering of the glass

S72 A movie on March 30, 2017                                                    147

      -How did she overcome the darkness?

S73 Dream-work on April 4, 2017                                                 149

            -Traveling with the Light

S74 Soul-work on April 5, 2017                                                     150

            -Pre-ordained to be ordained a Priest

S75 Shadow-work on April 6, 2017                                                152

      -Pai, Pride, Prejudice and the Pandavas

S76 Soul-work on April 12, 2017                                                   153

      -Pain, Prayer, Peace, Pardon and Laughter

S77 Brain-work on September 30, 2019                                         155

Limitless Learning with Neuro Pathways

S78 Spirit-Work 2019/10/08                                                          159

“Simply full, freely empty”

S79 Spirit-Work 2019/10/11                                                          160

With the essence or Soul of Christ

S80 Spirit-Work 2019/10/12                                                          161

With the Energies of Christ healing the Wounds of Humanity

S81 Spirit-Work 2019/10/13-16                                                     162

      “Unless the Lord builds, ...” Psalm 127/1

S82 1. WHY do I feel the way I do or WHAT are these feelings?     163

S83 2. HOW should I grieve or address the losses I experience?      165

Lesson 1. From hostility to hospitality

Lesson 2. ‘All one’ or ‘all for a few’ – selfishness and abundance

S84 Lesson 3. God awakening, balancing and centering Delight      167

Prayer as Intimacy and Prayer as Delight


Chapter 5

      Journeying with BLISSFUL Imagination

with Vivian Elizabeth Marrone

where being the right PARTNER is what matters!

Miraculous Heart Moments

S85 How the Risen Christ led me to Vivian                                    170

S86 More encounters and heart moments                                        171

S87 Torn between love, freedom, duty and fear                               172

S88 Vivian visits Goa in India                                                        172

S89 Victims of terrorism in unholy Holy Land                                173

Poetic, Parabolic and Paradoxical Freedom

S90 The Pearl of Great Price                                                          175

S91 My Letter of Resignation to Archbishop Quinn                        176

S92 1993-09-30 Vivian re-visits Goa                                             178

S93 1993-10-16 A Tribute to the Wonders of Love                         179

S94 1993-12-04 "My Beloved is mine and I am His."                      182

S95 Deceit? A secret that I was not at liberty to reveal                     184

S96 Priests who followed their hearts                                             186

S97 Beyond Vatican Bureaucracy -Mukti- Freedom!                       187

S98 How the Risen Christ led me to the Altar with Vivian               189

S99 We asked Bishop Dittler to officiate at our wedding                  190

S100 The Wedding Liturgy                                                           191

Youth work, Ministry and the Crucifixion

S101 My life changed significantly for the worse                            192

S102 Towards gainful employment                                                193

S103 1994-97 Associate Pastor at Christ Church                             194

S104 A Homily on ‘Conflict in Heaven’                                         195

S105 1995-97 San Francisco International Airport Operations         197

      Project Manager, Procedural Writer and Interfaith Chaplain

S106 Family Therapy and Art Psychotherapy in California              198

Shadowy Conflicts, Negligence and Distortions

S107 Conflicts as a Married Catholic Priest                                    199

S108 A Letter to Pope John Paul II on 1993-11-01                          201

S109 A Letter on Ash Wednesday, February 9, 2005                       203

      Setting the record straight with the Archdiocese of SF

S110 A response to the SDBs in Goa “… Dishonest Distortions?”    205

      in Reminiscences of the Salesian Province of Panjim. 2015

S111 A wounded healer finding Perfection in imperfection              208

Blissfully becoming the Right Partner

S112 Marriage: Psychological and Spiritual Perspectives                 208

S113 The Magic Ability to Share Life and Intimacy                        209

S114 The Power of the Subconscious Mind and the Universe          210

S115 Recommendations for lasting marital bliss                             212

A: Recognize your shadow

B: Humbly seek help

C: Practice spirituality as happiness

D. May your silence be comfortable

Forgiving oneself, an integral process

S116 I am sorry, please forgive me                                                214

S117 Forgiving oneself with the chakras or centers of energy          214

S118 What is easier, to forgive or to forget?                                   217

Spiritual Direction and the Church of Delight

S119 Today, My Family Circle in San Bruno, California                 217

S120 The Healing Circle [Awakens the Infinite Power of Hope]      218

S121 The Mystic Circle [Balances the Intimacy of Love]                 219

S122 The Empty Circle [Centers the Integrity of Faith]                   220

S123 The Painting Circle [Energizes Impermanence]                      222

S124 The Giving Circle [Delights In-harmony]                               223

S 125 Where being the right partner is what truly matters!               224

S126 Spiritual Direction is a service of partnership with God           226



The fragrance of eternity partnering with laughter                           227

SIMPLY  I breathe in air [involution as expansion or unfolding]

FULL      I pause as the breath travels all over my body

FREELY I breath out air [evolution as coalescing or enfolding]

EMPTY   I pause as the universe rests inside my body.

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