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Table of Contents

[B=Breath]                                                                                                                Page #

B0 Preface                                                                                                               1

B1 Dedication                                                                                                       6

B2 Introduction: Dear World Leader                                                        7

B3 Humbly I encourage you to awaken the energy present in the Universe    8

B4 The Power of the Breath, My Magic Synthesis and Spiritual Directions    9

B5 “The Sound of the Spiral of Silence” and other writings                                10

B6 Book Reviews: Integral Art  [2010]                                                                   11

B7 Book Reviews: Mandalas , … [1994]                                                                11

B8 Selections from Integral Memoirs [IM2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020]      12

B9 Youthful Wholeness: A glimpse of eternity energized by the breath         13

B10 63 [7x9] Daily Practices to glow with Light and grow with Delight         14

B11 Look at these 360 Mirrors of Wholeness respectfully                                  15

B12 Happiness as gratitude is wholeness for a civilization with a heart          17

B13 Why a book on Prayer: WHY PRAY?                                                            18

B14 I pray like the Risen Christ with the Coelhos of Aquem since 1560        19

B15 How Jesus became God                                                                                     20

B16 The Transformative Power of Jesus’ Breath                                                 21

B17 Experiencing the Father [Abba] as the Eternal Word                                   22

B18 Purifying with the coming [Maranatha] of Jesus of Nazareth                   22

B19 Illuminating with the peaceful [Shalom] Spirit of the Risen Christ           23

B20 Celebrating glory [Ooteeshbokhta]: Mystical Communion of Saints       23

B21 Pai Xavierito - Ariosto Xavier do Rosario Coelho                                      24

B22 Mãe Valdemira - Maria Esperança Tomezinha V. Fernandes                    25

B23 I am grateful to my wife, all my siblings, their spouses and children       27

        Babush - José Valentim Xavier do Rosario Coelho                                    27

          Minduche - Angela Analia Coelho                                                                 28

          Silbai - Candida Silvia Fernandes                                                                  28

          Terezinha - Manisha Kauntankar                                                                  29

          Baizita - Angela de Imaculada Ana Fernandes                                           29

          Avit - Avita Antonieta Bernardina Monteiro                                                30

          Rosarito - José Antonio Sebastião Lucas X. do R. Coelho                       30

          Marzep - Anita Nair                                                                        31

          Saibini – Vivian Marrone Coelho “The Pearl of Great Price”           31

B24 Universal Church of Delight: where grateful people are happy people  32

B25 The Healing Circle [Awakens the Infinite Power of Hope] BHRS       33

B26 The Mystic Circle [Balances the Intimacy of Love]            WRB        35

B27 The Empty Circle [Centers the Integrity of Faith]               SJC          36

B28 The Giving Circle [Delights In-harmony]                           DB&c       38

B29 The Painting Circle [Energizes Impermanence]                  SBPG       40


          [66 Breaths IM2016 - PRAY FOR ME: 360 Mirrors of Wholeness]

B1950 My 18th Great grandfather and Padre Sebastião Coelho                         42

B1951 My godfather St. Joseph of Nazareth: God’s Clown [Poem 1998]       43

B1952 “Seek the kingdom of God” like St. F. Xavier and St. Joseph Vaz       44

B1953 My earliest recollections in Aquem Baixo, Salcete Goa                         44

B1954 Lesson 1 Mãe, my Mother, taught me: A Mandala of Infinity              45

B1955 Tipú Santú Naik Sardessai and the Chapel of the Pandavas                  46

B1956 Pai, my Dad, a tower of power in Aquem Alto, Salcete Goa                46

B1957 Lesson 2 Mãe, my Mother, taught me: A Mandala of Intimacy           47

B1958 “Fire! Fire!” The haystack was no more                                                    48

B1959 Escola Primaria de Santa Terezinha in Aquem Alto                              48

B1960/06/04 How the Risen Christ led me to Don Bosco [DB]

B1961/12/19 A day that changed the History of Goa                                           52

B1962/06/14 The Nazir Bungalow in Lonavla, Maharashtra                             53

B1963 At a loss for words in Portuguese after learning English                  54

B1964/03/19 A well-orchestrated move to the Tungarli Complex               56

B1965 Secondary School Leaving Certificate from Maharashtra                     57

B1966 Pre-University at St. Anthony’s College in Shillong, Assam                58

B1967/05/13 The Silver Rosary and Our Lady of Fatima                                   59

B1968/05/24 My First Religious Profession: A Mandala of Integrity              60

B1969 Social and Youth work in Tamil Villages at Yercaud in Tamilnadu   61

B1970 Learning from talented and kind Salesians at The Retreat in Yercaud 62 

B1971 Challenging Assignments at DB Apostolic High School in Lonavla   63

B1972 Don Bosco Lonavla: A Powerhouse of Prayer                                          64

B1973 Towards a B. A. with Honors in Hindi Literature                                    66

B1973-74 Secretary to the SDB Provincial, Activities for Youth in Mumbai 68 

B1974-78 Preparing to lead the Roman Catholic Church in India                      70

B1975-77 Summer Ministries and Experiences in Gujarat                                 71

B1977/12/21: The day I was ordained a Priest - Mandalas In-harmony          74 

B1978/03/24 Introduced at Don Bosco Farm in Sulcorna on Good Friday      79

B1979-87 The miracles I witnessed and the challenges we faced in Goa        80

B1980/12/21 Pia Sociedade Salesiana at the Supreme Court of India             81

B1981 Leadership and Challenges as DBAEC grows and glows                       81

B1982 Leadershi  as a Provincial Councillor in SDB India and East Africa  83

B1983/01/31 The Song of Sulcorna “where the young grow and glow”           84 

B1984 Called to conduct Spiritual Retreats for youth and adults                      84

B1985/05/24 Assisted Fr. Edwin D'Souza, aka Premananda Salgaonkar          85

B1986/01/14 Salesian Provincials' Conference of India in Sulcorna                85

B1987/05/30 Easter on the day Goa became the 25th state of India                  86

B1988/08/06 The day the Universe embraced me as never before                    87

B1989 The Personal Vocation of Don Bosco and The Void of Nothingness   89

B1990 Ministry in the Archdiocese of San Francisco and Further Research   90

B1991/06/30 How the Risen Christ led me to Vivian Marrone                          92

B1992/11/16 Victims of terrorism in unholy Holy Land                                      95

B1993/06/26 A Ph.D. from the California Institute of Integral Studies in SF  96

B1994/03/22 The Pearl of Great Price - Beyond Vatican Bureaucracy           98

B1995 My life changed significantly for the worse                                              102

B1996 Conflicts as a Married Catholic Priest                                                        104

B1997 Towards gainful employment – Further studies and training                 105

B1998/08/08 Multi-lingual Spiritual Director with       106

B1999 A citizen of the U. S. A. - Voting and Politics in America                     106

B2000-03 Executive Director, CHM SCV at Campbell, CA                              108

B2001/09/11 Moima Ashram: The Shelter of Glory                                             109

B2002/12/21 The 25th Anniversary [Silver Jubilee] Eucharist                           110

B2003 For the betterment of Goans, Goa Sudharop C. D. Inc. Berkeley, CA 111

B2004/12/04 Christmas Homily for the WRB Network in SF, CA                   113

B2005/03/26 Easter Homily at St. John's 1928 BCP Parish Church [SJC]       115

B2006/09/24 "Be not therefore anxious” SJC final homily in Hayward, CA  117

B2007 Charter Change Agent with SMC BHRS Youth Services                       119

B2008 Conferences, Training Sessions and Art Exhibitions                               120

B2009 Integral Yoga, Samadhi, The Eightfold Path of Yoga                             122

B2010 Zen Meditation at the Crystal Springs Sangha in Burlingame, CA       123

B2011/08/15 The transformation of Krishna Gopal Bakshi: Gayatri Mantra 126

B2012/09/03 A Cardiac Infarction and a Stent at Peninsula Hospital               128

B2013/12/20 A Wedding Toast in Verna, Goa, India                                          128

B2014 2000 Years of Art from the Heart at the Senior Center in San Bruno   130

B2015/04/01 Retiring as a Psychiatric Social Worker from SMC-BHRS        131

B2016/03/25 A reflection on Good Friday, the day my brother died in Goa   135


B2017 [16 breaths] BE BLESSED: Memoirs of a Youth Worker

L1 A Letter to the Younger Generations and All who believe in them            139

L2 Open Letter to the Post-1995 Generation                                                         140

L3 A Letter to all courageous and visionary souls                                                142

L4 A Letter to every soul that seeks peace on Earth                                            143

L5 A Letter to ancient mystics, prophets, poets, sages and yogis                      143

L6 A Letter to meditators, spiritual writers and wise readers                             144

L7 A Letter to all breathing human beings                                                             145

L92 Listen to Revelation from World Myths                                                         146

L93 Listen to Inspiration from World Leaders [Poem 1996]                              148

L94 With the mind of a Teacher - Mohandas Gandhi                                         149

L96 With the soul of an Artist - Pablo Picasso                                                      153

L97 With the zeal of a Priest - Pope John Paul II                                                 154

L98 Please pray with me - For you are a world leader!                                        156

L99 May the world be our prayer                                                                            15

L100 May prayer  rule the world [Poem 2016]                                                      158


B2018 [21 breaths] FORGIVENESS: Memoirs of an Integral Poet

R0 Breathing in [Introduction]                                                                                 160

R1 Birth and Death - One can learn to laugh at any stage of life                        162

R2 … and we laughed                                                                                                164

R3 Sh*t happens                                                                                                         164

R4 Scandals and scandals                                                                                         164

R5 on the slew of allegations waged against producer My scandal                                                                                                            165

R6 A variety of standards                                                                                          166

R7 What is morality?                                                                                                  167

R8 The Integral Standard                                                                                          168on the slew of allegations waged against producer The Integral S

R9 The Integral Mystic is an Integral Witness                                                       169

R10 With the eyes of the BODY                                                                               170

R11 A Body Meditation                                                                                            171

R12 With the eye of the MIND                                                                                 172

R13 Spectra of Positivity and Negativity                                                                173

R14 With the eye of the HEART                                                                              174

R15 The essence of Psychotherapy                                                                         174

R16 With the eye of the SOUL                                                                                 175

R17 Transformation of consciousness                                                                    177

R18 I am sorry, please forgive me [the integral process]                                     178

R19 What is easier, to forgive or to forget?                                                           180

R00 Breathing out [Consciousness and Narcissism]                                             180


b2019 [13 I ways] LAUGH WITH ME: Memoirs of a Spiritual Guide

I1 Infinity: A fundamental Cosmological principle                                              183

I2 Intimacy: A post-scientific Cultural perspective                                              183

I3 Integrity: A post-religious Mystical outlook                                                     184

I4 In-harmony: With Christ-like Wisdom                                                              184

I5 Impermanence: Knowing beyond Matter, Life and Consciousness              184

I6 Intentionally: The A B C D of selfless Compassion                                       185

I7 Inner Work: Simply Full, Freely Empty                                                            185

I8 Inward and Outward: With 100 trillion connections                                       185

I9 Inspired to Laugh: Bringing the world together with humor                         186

I10 I taste the sweetness of life                                                                                 186

I11 Imagine the Universe breathing in you                                                            186

I12 Innocence as Forgiveness                                                                                   187

I13 Imperfection finding Perfection                                                                        187


B2020 [7 breaths] LED BY GOD: Memoirs of a Grateful Writer

[7 Mandalas] Kabirdas: The song, flavor and essence of India’s soul               188

C1. Infinity: Journeying with the Root Chakra                                                     192

C2. Intimacy: Journeying with the Sacral Chakra                                                193

C3. Integrity: Journeying with the Solar Plexus Chakra                                     195

C4. Impermanence: Journeying with the Heart Chakra                                       196

       Technology, Adaptability, Education and Knowledge                        198

C5. Intention: Journeying with the Throat Chakra                                               200

C6. Illumination: Journeying with the Third-Eye Chakra                                   201

C7. Immortality: Journeying with the Crown Chakra                                          203

Breath 00 CONCLUSION: “Unless the Lord builds, …” Psalm 127/1           205

          Loss and Grief: Shadowwork, Dreamwork, Soulwork, Spiritwork          206

          Eternal Breath: Death? A leap into forgetfulness or Conscious Living    210


INDEX                                                                                                        212

PHOTOGRAPHS: Memories of and for a World Traveler                      213



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