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Testimonials, FEEDBACK and AWARDS

What some wrote gracefully or declared with gratitude


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2019-07-11 Dear Father Ariosto, We appreciate your kind guidance and compasssion in a difficult time for us. Thank you for the warmth you brought to my Father's Funeral Service [DARRYL PERNA @ Colma 2019/07/09]. With sincere regard, Avi Perna


 2019-04-03 Hi Ariosto, I have an opening in our schedule at the RWC Civic Center at the County Courhouse. It's in the lower level Community Gallery (see photos) where the Jury Instruction Room and the Cafeteria are both located---lots of traffic. ... It will be either for May and June or July and August. I have asked two other parties if they are interested prior to you. If it doesn't work out this time, I will keep you on my list for some other time. You do need to know that the Arts Commission does not want religious themes, nudes, political, drug-related or violent themes. If you have between 25-35 pieces framed and wired for hanging that are at least 16" on one edge including the frame, that will fill the gallery. The other edge can be any size from 1 to 30 inches frame included. Let me know right away if interested. Boris Koodrin - Curator, SMC Arts Commission [


2019-01-13 Hello Pastor Coelho, My name is AB, I live in the Bay Area. … We filled a wedding petition online with the wrmosb, but understand you are a bilingual priest working with them which is exactly what we are seeking. You seem incredible, I would love to meet with you! Please let me know if you are available. Best,  [AB @FB Messanger]




1977-05-30 “FAREWEL AND GOOD LUCK - Dear and Rev. Fr. Ariosto. This is a small remembrance of ours for you to keep. We all wish you the best of Luck, and a bright future. With lots of Love. From all the members of the DBYC [Don Bosco Youth Center] Pratapnagar. God bless you always. May 30, 1977.” Leadership, Families and Youth of Don Bosco Youth Center, Baroda, Gujarat, India.


1986-  nominated for the National Child Worker Award by the Government of Goa @ Panaji, Goa, India. Served the youth of India as a professed Salesian of Don Bosco since 1967 in Tamilnadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat and Goa


1987- awarded the Outstanding Young Person Award by the Jaycees of Goa, India "for distinguished services rendered to the nation" [1978-87] by transforming the Don Bosco Farm into an Agro-Educational Complex for the poor and the marginalized children and teenagers @ Sulcorna, Goa, India.


2010- recognized by The Board of Supervisors, County of San Mateo, State of California, for 10 years of service to the people of San Mateo County. "The Board hereby extends its sincere wish for continued success, health and happiness." Signed: Richard S. Godon, President, Mark Church, Carole Groom, Rose Jacobs Gibson, Adrienne J. Tissier @ Redwood City, CA.


moimāshram, God's Church of Universal Delight = Mandala/Shelter of GLORY [Lk 2/14]


2011- “Enlightenment through Art - His Drawings and paintings make you ponder and the spirituality expressed in colour enlightens you. Ariosto Coelho is releasing his new book, Integral Art which speaks about how to awaken, balance and center light and delight. Speaking to Herald, Ariosto defines the ABCD of life and the link between spirituality and integral art.” by Ms. Dolcy D’Cruz @ Herald Features O Herald, Goa’s Heartbeat, Saturday, February 5.


2015- "Certificate of Appreciation awarded to Ariosto Coelho, MFT, in recognition of the excellent work you have provided to the communities of San Mateo County for 15 years. Your compassion and dedication for your work and your clients is admirable. Thank you for sharing your heart, and your gift of flowers from which your spirit shined through for many years. We will miss you. [Signed by the Leadership of] San Mateo County, Behavioral Health and Recovery Services [and South County Youth Services] Paul Sorbo, LCSW, Diane Dworkin, LCSW, Linda Simonsen, LCSW, Ziomara Ochoa, MFT." @ Redwood City, CA.


1967, 1977, 1981, 1987, 1993, '2000, '01, '02, '03, '04, '05, '06, '07, '08, '10, '11, '12, '13, '14, '15, 16-18




2018-11-23  My friend, When I met you at the BHRS Spirituality Initiative, you were a passing gentle participant. Then you presented me with the gift of a book and a card saying which I’ll keep in my heart till my never end.    In my art now I, too, find the wholeness in the brokenness I see in the world since I arrived on this plane.    "... and an ocean in a drop of paint?" Oh, yes! Amen!    But it’s when I read your bio, I was able to transform further in my journey. I saw you practiced soul travel. Something I’ve been practicing as a young child, but was taboo to even mention to my therapist. Didn’t know what she’d say. When I read your bio I felt a psychotherapist, catholic priest gets it? I came out to my therapist that day. Thank you. I was no longer alone in my handful of friends on this plane. My therapist embraced it and we started to soar from there.    Raised in a private Roman Catholic Church, then a martial arts Buddhist school. I learned of Jung, many philosophers, and soul travel through a dear friend.    Now I soar, so when my physical body is done, I shall with the blessing that be, transition on to my next plane. I’m not very interested in doing this again. I’ve seen it and often wish to stay. But I learned through therapy, I’m a physical being as well and I know I have my lessons still to learn here.  I hope everyone graduates.    Ariosto, this was the conversation I wanted an audience with you. My burden, dear friend, has been the pain of humanity.  For I feel so free.     So I now stand still, shine and just try to Be.    We are so blessed to be in God’s mega church. Having communion even thru the internet.    Thank you, friend! You keep me in check during this political test. For I’m an advocate and end up in politics as a tool to my quest. But this? I can only drop to my knees and send light to all humanity.  I can not allow this to stagnate me. Nor will I hate what I debate.    Enjoying the challenge and playing free.    SoulTravels #LaughWithMe.  Love the title! It’s healing!   Light, Ariosto.    Blessings be. [ZF @FB Messanger]


2018-07-09 “This is the most beautiful thing that I have ever read. Thank You.  I am going to save this forever, still reading this. You are an Angel! I am crying a good cry.” Fatima Thayer


2018/04/20 Thank you Father. Just a reminder we wanted the Mass in English... please. "Dear Samantha, ... I am attaching a PDF of the FINAL DRAFT of the Quinceanera Ceremony. Como Maria de Nazareth camina siempre con Dios like Mary, the mother of Jesus [Luke 1:46-50], may you glow with love ayou grow [Jeremiah 29:11-13] into a beautiful, responsible, graceful and grateful young woman. Today is your BIG DAY! Enjoy it to the full!" [2018/04/21 @ San Ramon, CA]


2017/10/26 Hi Father Ariosto! We just wanted to send our heartfelt thanks for officiating our wedding on Sunday! You really made the ceremony so special and we had a wonderful wedding that we will remember forever. Thank you so much for working with us and for making the day so great. We also wanted to check in if there was anything we needed to do to finish the marriage license/submit it to the county or anything? Let us know if there is anything left for us to file! Thank you again so much and we hope to cross paths again in the future! Best wishes! Lauren & Chris [2016/10/22 @ Saratoga, CA]


2016/11/05 "Padre Coelho, Muchas graCias por las celebraciones en la Iglesia El Buen Pastor y la instrucion en la Oficina St. Joseph's Workshop en San Bruno, CA." Padres y Padrinos de Daesha y Denise Chan [2016/11/05 @ San Mateo, CA].


2016/08/14 "Father Coelho, THANK YOU so much for conducting our wedding ceremony. You helped make our special day a day of meaning that will forever be alive in our hearts. We truly appreciated your guidance, acceptance, and love you shared leading up to the day and the day of the wedding. The ceremony was perfect and it was great that our guests even had the chance to laugh! Again we thank you for sharing your talent that God has ever so blessed you with to bless us. We are full of gratitude that we were connected to you and your willinglness to work with us. May you continue to be a ray of sunshine wherever you may go. All of love, Shane and Alicia [2016/04/30 @ Stevinson, CA]


2016/07/19 "Father Coelho, THANK YOU so much for officating our service, and being part of our special day. We are grateful to have found you, and to have had your council before 'taking the plunge.' We appreciate your time and humor (!), and we are truly overwhelmed by all your efforts to remind us of all God's love and blessings. We lead lives of great abundance. Thank you for reminding us all of that. Much love (and kittens), Mike and Anna (Jones)" [2016/05/29 @ San Jose, CA]


2015//09/18 Hi Fr. Ariosto!!! Ahhhhhh!!!! Less than a month!!! I am so excited. And soo soo glad you will be officiating our big day. Both Jake and I very much enjoyed meeting and talking with you. You are incredibly intelligent and well educated, but the warmth and spirituality that radiates from you is very special and uncommon. ... Best, Kelly [2015-10-17 @ Petaluma, CA]


2015/06/01 "Dear Father, You bring glory to God through your servant heart. Thank you for giving yourself for the good of others.  You are appreciated and wished rich blessings. Thanks so much for guiding us through a very difficult time [death and funeral of Mary Castle]. You and Vivian are a true blessing! With love Colleen & Brian McCarty @San Rafael, CA.

← DR. MARY CASTLE [1920-2015] Celebrating her 92nd birthday with the Little Flock at St. John's 1928 BCP Church in Hayward, CA. She was one of the Founding Members of St. John's Episcopal Church in 1988 and a Leader till her last breath on May 22, 2015.


2015/04/01 "Certificate of Appreciation awarded to Ariosto Coelho, MFT, in recognition of the excellent work you have provided to the communities of San Mateo County for 15 years. Your compassion and dedication for your work and your clients is admirable. Thank you for sharing your heart, and your gift of flowers from which your spirit shined through for many years. We will miss you. [Signed by the Leadership of] San Mateo County, Behavioral Health and Recovery Services [and South County Youth Services] Paul Sorbo, LCSW, Diane Dworkin, LCSW, Linda Simonsen, LCSW, Ziomara Ochoa, MFT." @ Redwood City, CA.


2015/03/18 "Dear Ariosto, It is very difficult to find words to express our love and gratitude to you. You have been our friend, our guide, and my son's Angel Guardian. It is impossible to pay you back. But you will be in our minds and hearts forever. Alma@ Redwood City, CA. 2015


2014/09/04 "Father Ariosto, Thank you for officiating our wedding. It was such a special day for both of us and the ceremony was beautiful. Thank you for incorporating all the rituals into the ceremony. Also, we really appreciated the pre-marriage counseling at your place. You are such a warm and welcoming person. Thank you for being such an important part of our wedding. We will always remember you. With much love, Anahi & Ben" 2014/08/30 @ Hillsborough, CA. 


2014/08/11 Dear Ariosto, We wanted to thank you so much for marrying the two of us. Our family and friends certainly enjoyed the ceremony and told us how wonderful you are as a speaker. We can't thank you enough for guiding us through the ceremony and helping us prepare for our wedding day. Thanks for everything. Terry & Michael [Sartor-Ruggiero  @ Burlingame 2014/07/12]


1967, 1977, 1981, 1987, 1993, '2000, '01, '02, '03, '04, '05, '06, '07, '08, '10, '11, '12, '13, '14, '15, 16-18




 [ESTHER CENTENO 1915 + 2014]


 2014-07-16 Fr. Ariosto, Thank you for coming to Chicago and chanting the Salve Regina at Mom's [Esther Centeno] Funeral Mass at St. Mary of the Lake Parish Church. Eppie Salazar



2014/05/04 Fr. Coelho, Thank you for being such an important part of James day, as you were for Tony and I, and then again for Rose. It means a lot that you have been a part of our spiritual lives. Peace, love and much joy to you. ←The Ghanem Family: Tony, Tina, Rose and James. (Baptism of JAMES HASSIB GHANEM [DOB 05/30/12]  in San Mateo on May 4, 2014)


 Hi Father Ariosto, Thank you for facilitating the service (A Celebration of ORIN LEE WALKER's Life [1946-2014] with Bikers in San Jose, CA), it was a big help. .... Cecilia



2013/07/27 Hi Fr. Coelho, First of all, thank you so much for a beautiful ceremony.  It was so  moving and inspiring! ... Thank you once again for making our wedding so special!! Best, Bonnie & Angel  [2013/06/26 Burset-Cochachez @ The Brazil House, Tilden Park, Berkeley CA.]


2013/02/08 Hi Fr. Ariosto, Hope all is well with you. We are doing great. We just received our wedding video and we couldn't be any happier. Watching it just reminded us of how much you were able to keep me (don't know about Matt) calm and relaxed....  Just wanted to thank you again for everything you did for us. Here's a short Video clip from our wedding that our videographer put together. Have a wonderful day. Dubravka Frost [2012/08/11 Maric-Frost @ The Croatian American Cultural Center, Sacramento  CA.]


2012/12/01 Dear Fr. Ariosto: Thank you so much for being such an integral part of our wedding ceremony. It was a beautiful-loving service and we cannot thank you enough for making that day so special and amazing to us. We wish you the best, Pam & Zack [2012/11/03 Arias-Hetlinger @ The Westin St. Francis Hotel, San Francisco CA.]



2012/02/12 Dear Father Coelho, I just wanted to express once again our heartfelt gratitude to you on behalf of both Antonio and myself. We were so pleased with the way the ceremony went on Friday. Everything seemed to work out as we wished; including the content of the ceremony, the environment and feeling that you helped us create for our memorial of Diego and well I can't forget to mention the weather, which was truly a miracle. We were lucky to have the blessing of our friends present, but I am really wanting to thank you for helping us make this become real. I think the memorial of Diego has really allowed us to both gain a sense and establish some closure to what happened. It is really important for families to have that opportunity to experience something in order to heal, particularly when a life ends at the beginning. The second part of the ceremony outside was truly beautiful. Thank you so much for the song you chanted during the burial. It was soothing to us and helped us find some comfort while saying goodbye to Diego. We are touched by the spirituality that you bring to your rich practice as a priest and that is probably why we called you back because we had that same positive experience at our wedding ceremony, which made that event that more meaningful and memorable. We hope to continue being in touch with you and wish the best to both you and your family. Fondly, Jill and Antonio [Funeral at Holy Cross Cemetery, Colma, CA. 2012/02/10]


2011/10/02 Fr. Coelho, Thank you Father for a wonderful service. Everyone has commented how beautifully the service was conducted.   My daughters and I are doing OK, but as you can imagine what a great loss this was to our family.    Diane is at peace and no more suffering but those she leaves behind must now go through the grieving process. Thank  You. George Nessi [DIANE DELIMA NESSI 1953 - 2011 : Chapel of the Chimes, Hayward CA. 10/29/11]


2011/09/18 “MANDALAS IN HARMONY: Drawing the Light of Consciousness" A hands-on presentation at Badarikashrama in San Leandro, CA.

"Thanks for the wonderful talk and inter active time. I'd like to do more of this delving into the unconscious through art with you. I do think that this was the perfect audience. Even the children were aware of the concepts you were presenting. They all appreciated your explaining them in depth and relating them to your art."

Filomena Saraswati Giese, an educator from Kensignton, Ca.

"I liked that you did not ignore the children, but engaged us actively." Padmini, a 9th grader from Morrow High School, Hayward, Ca.

"As we drove back, we could not stop talking about the impact of the presentation. We had never considered where our souls reside. We appreciated being exposed to a number of dimensions of the light of consciousness." Jayshri Berde & Jeri McGovern, artists from the San Bruno Senior Center, Ca


1967, 1977, 1981, 1987, 1993, '2000, '01, '02, '03, '04, '05, '06, '07, '08, '10, '11, '12, '13, '14, '15, 16-18





A BALLERINA. [Coelho, 2011. Oil on canvas. 24"x30"]


2011/08/24 Hi Ari: Love your ballerina stationary! Thanks for your note/and card. I'm showing off my beautiful Ballerina painting all the time. You are my favorite artist. See you next week - hopefully. Nancy Ciardelli, Burlingame, CA


2011/06/05"We just wanted to say thank you. We have had so many people tell us that they were touched by what you said, and by your energy.  They said the service was unique and beautiful.  We know exactly what they mean! Your presence and your words are so soothing, loving, understanding... and you even got some laughs!  Exactly how we remembered you from our meeting. Thank you for being our officiant; we still remember how we felt that even spending 2 hours with you at our initial meeting had improved our relationship! Hopefully our paths will cross again one day, but until then, we wish you all the best. Sam & Jesse [Grey-Garza @ Swedenborgian Church, San Francisco CA]


2011/04/16 "Fr. Ariosto, I just wanted to send you a little note to thank you for such a wonderful ceremony! We got a lot of compliments on how beautiful it was. Our wedding was the most important day of our lives and we are so happy you were there to share it with us. Thank you again. Love, Maribel and Saul." [Espinoza-Esquivel @Wente Winery, Livermore, CA]


2010/07/20 Hello Father Coelho, We sincerely hope that this finds you very, very well. June 24, 2005 you conducted the most memorable marriage ceremony in Half Moon Bay that will never be topped in our eyes and the eyes of most of our friends and family.  My husband, Donaciano, and I are now expecting our first child and when the topic of baptism came up the first person we each thought of was you.  We were wondering if you conduct baptisms and if so if you would be willing and able to conduct the baptism of our son?  He is due October 7 and we were thinking of a baptism date of sometime around Thanksgiving (although, we do not have a specific date in mind).  We are located now in American Canyon (Napa county), and while it would be easiest for many of our relatives to have the ceremony local, we would be willing to travel if it meant that you would be conducting it. Again we hope that this finds you in the best of health and happiness, Sincerely and with many prayers, Elizabeth and Donaciano Guerra


2010/06/19 Dear Father Coelho, Thank you so much for contributing to our special day. We really appreciate your kind words of wisdom. Love, Joe & Alicia [Joseph Focha and Alicia Sandoval @ Dominic's, South San Francisco, CA.]


2010/01/01 Dear Fr. Ariosto, We wish and pray to Supreme Powers, to continue to shower their blessings on all mankind for years to come. May the God Almighty protect and safeguard us all, from mishaps. Bringing good health, peace, satisfaction & prosperity for the entire family. With Love & Regards, Meghnath, Pushpa & Aanchal [Pirla/Vasco Goa, India] →


2008/02/28 Dear Father Ariosto, I'm sitting here thinking about our wedding this past weekend and have a calm, peaceful feeling washing over me.  The care you took to get to understand our relationships and what was important to Brian + me was so evident to us...as well as the whole family.  When, in the past, I would daydream about the day I got married...I knew it would be something wonderful, filled with happiness, but had never fully grasped how colorful and woven with meaning it would truly be. I cannot recall any other time in my life where I was on the receiving end of such intense spiritual energy and love.  ....  When you involved our families to verbally express blessings during the ceremony I knew we were going to be witnesses to some very special moments where they were taken to higher places...inspired by our love.  Thank you so much for that...it meant so much to have them directly involved.  Every member of our families have come to us sharing words about how unique and wonderful you were...and how connected everyone felt by your warmhearted approach + interest in our union.  That is so beautiful! Your gifts, blessings, and energy are those cherished elements that are now woven into our experience as husband and wife and I do know that, from you, Brian + I will seek guidance and support as we embark on this amazing journey in life + love together. .... Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your involvement + blessings! ~[Dena Dirc & Brian Boeddeker @The Mountain Inn, Mill Valley CA 2008/02/23]


1967, 1977, 1981, 1987, 1993, '2000, '01, '02, '03, '04, '05, '06, '07, '08, '10, '11, '12, '13, '14, '15, 16-18

2007/11/07  Dear Fr. Ariosto, We wanted to thank you for giving us a wonderful ceremony. We couldn't ask for more. We loved it. We were glad we chose such an spiritual event and you made it last a lifetime for us. I hope you keep this picture as a memoir for our special day. We hope to visit you or see you in the near future. with so much love and thankfulness. Monica and Francisco Avila [@ La Hacienda de las Rosas, Moraga CA - 2007/09/08]


2007/06/27 Hello Father Ariosto, Once again, thanks for unifying Armand and I last Saturday! We are doing great and getting ready to go to France. We would like to stop by to meet with you possibly tomorrow in the morning (around 10:30 am). Please let me know what time is the best for you. Encore quelques jours de suspense... God bless, [Diane Gbeasor and Armand Komlanvi  @ Green Valley Country Club, Fairfield CA - 2007/06/23]


2007/01/14 Dear Father Coelho, Thank you so much for your email and your prayers. How nice to hear from you. I am doing fine, it just makes me mentally exhausted at times. I have an appointment with UCSF on the 22nd for a second opinion. We will see what they have to say. Who knows, they may have just the new drug for me that will end this. I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. Please give my love to Vivian and hope to see you both sometime soon. Love, Jan [A faithful parishioner of St. John's Church, Hayward, CA]


2006/07/29  Father Ariosto Coelho, Thank you so much for being an important part  of our special day. The meeting we had with you was great and initiated thoughts and ideas about how we want to grow as a couple. Again - Thank you so much. We appreciate your openness and positive energy you create and exude. Warm regards, Elaine & Stephane Dessus @ Ruby Hills Golf Club, Pleasanton, CA.


2006/06/21 Ti-Ariosto, I really do appreciate your  "2 bits" response to the The DaVinci Code and the A-B-C-D analysis to the subject. After reading this article, the simplicity of the depth of Awaken - Balance - Centre - Delight has sunk in ! B2 Fernandes @Dell.com Bangalore India]


 2006/05/21  Father Coelho, Thank you so much for your love, blessings and guidance. Your love and direction have helped shine a bright light into our future. Love, Lily & Miguel Escobedo @ Galaxy Commodore Yacht. Alameda CA.


2006/05/13   Dear Father Coelho, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you once again for inducting our youngest daughter Brooke into the kingdom of heaven.  Her Baptism on Saturday was truly a blessed event.  Heather & I are so very thankful that you were able to preside over this occasion.  Your role or perhaps path within our lives continues to grow as indeed, our bond continues to strengthen.  Being in your presence conveys such a very peaceful and soothing aspect to our lives, it’s as though we travel together in spirit on a daily basis.  Simply talking with you Ariosto, has to be one of the easiest & most pleasurable things Heather & I both look forward to.  Your ability to make others feel comfortable is very sincere & quite obvious.  This in turn, provides the ink of which those whom you speak with, are encouraged to add their stroke to the conversational canvas.  I have no doubts that our connection is one that shall stand throughout our many life cycles.  It is very appropriate, that you have stood with us at our wedding, our eldest daughter Emily, our son Ryan & now our youngest daughter Brooke’s Christening.  Both my extended family & Heather’s think the world of you, as do we.  Our love & appreciate for your wisdom, guidance & smile can be seen in our faces, as it could of every face in attendance on Saturday.  We will talk soon Father Coelho.  Very truly yours, Ned & Heather Hagan. Los Altos, CA.


2005/11/28  Dear Father, Sorry to send you our thank-you so late, but we wanted to wait to send you a photo from our Big Day! Marriage has been amazing, eye-opening in so many ways. We also do treasure our 'comfort in silence'. Thank you for joining us in union and providing exceptional words of wisdom. Love, Jonathan & Jessica Wilhelm @ Mayacama Golf Club, Santa Rosa, CA - 2005/09/24)


2005/08/23  Hi Fr. Coelho, Thank you again for celebrating our wedding. I'm sorry that the rest didn't hear your homily. ["May your silence be comfortable. In that silence, may you experience the height of intimacy, the depth of communication and the powerful presence of God’s Spirit of Love  that gives and forgives. If you do this, your marriage will indeed be a lasting one, and your children will be happy. I wish you happiness as a married couple!"] I assure you though that we will keep it in mind. Just some changes I wanted to make on the webpage. ... We'd also appreciate a copy of the photos you took. The sample you posted on the page was brilliant. [Maida Ruaza & Brian Malby @ Lion’s Gate Chapel - McClellan, CA - 2005/08/21]



2005/07/30 Dear Father Ariosto J. Coelho, Shalom u'vrakha, I am looking forward to performing the wedding this weekend with you. ... - Kol brakhot tobot (Only good blessings) Rabbi Gershon Caudill (2005/0725) -Jewish Interfaith Wedding Network [Elizabeth Wilgus & David Pardes @ Buehler Alumni Center, Davis, CA.] →


2005/07/09 Hi Father Coelho, Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to meet with Chuck and I last weekend (02/19/05). We really enjoyed speaking with you, and appreciated taking the time to step back a little and really think about our relationship. We are really looking forward to having you officiate our wedding on July 9! Just one question for you---from reading through the packet you gave to us, I wasn't quite clear whether we are to mail the donation check to the White Robed Benedictines or just bring it with us to the ceremony. Which do you prefer? Thanks again, and we'll be back in touch as soon as we've decided the readings, etc. for the wedding ceremony. Take care, Molly [Molly Madigan & Charles Pisula @ Nestldown, Los Gatos, CA.]


2005/02/20 Dear Fr. Coelho, Thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule to preside at our wedding. We are so glad to have met you and to have you be a part of our special day. Thank you. Love, Yvette & John. [Ruccolo-Barg @ Trinity Episcopal Church, San Francisco, CA.]


2004/12/12 Dear Father Coelho, Paul and I can't thank you enough for the consolation you gave us during this difficult time. The beauty of the services you conducted has helped us all tremendously & we deeply appreciate all you have done. Sincerely, Pam Katevecs [Marie Katevecs -Paul's mother born in Boston, MA in 1910- died in Hayward, CA on Dec. 1, 2004, A Memorial service was held at St. John's Church in Hayward on Dec. 5 and the Funeral Service was held at the Inspiration Chapel in Napa, CA on Dec. 7.]

2004/10/02 Dear Fr. Coelho, Thank you for the beautiful ceremony you performed in Sacramento, on Sat, 10-2-04, uniting Nina Manfredi and Tom Marini. Our gratitude for the wonderful beginning you gave Nina and Tom's marriage. God's blessings to everyone, everywhere. Love and Peace, Peggy and Al Manfredi

2004/08/08 Father, Thank you so very much for joining us on Sunday.  Heather and I are pleased that you were able to attend to us, not only for our wedding, but have seen us through this, our second child's Baptism.   ... Best, Ned [The Hagan Family, Los Altos, CA.]


2004/07/03 Dearest Father Coelho, We would like to Thank you for performing such a wonderful ceremony ... everyone enjoyed it very much! All of the words you said  - we will cherish & take with us down our path of marriage. Sincerely Anilyn & Jose (Anilyn Ballesteros & Jose Lalimarmo II @ Palmdale Estates, Fremont, CA.  2004/05/01)


2004/05/19 Father Coelho, Thank you so much for performing such a beautiful marriage ceremony for Christine and Tim. We found it very touching and inspiring. Sincerely Mena Fadelli (Christine Fadelli & Timothy White @ Marines Memorial Club, San Francisco, CA.  2004/05/15)


2004/05/03 I want to Thank You  so much for your web page. It has helped me so much. I visit  your page often. I read the words and the meaning and I found myself to believe in the meaning of the Spirit of God. I began to follow his direction. I realized nothing can change overnight, but your web page helped me face life with  courage and hope and brought me self esteem. ... Keep up your web page. Its the best thing that ever happened to me.  I would like to help people to get them into  believing in the Spirit of God, to share my experience. ... Fatima Thayer


2004/03/26 Fr Coelho, I want to take a moment in the midst of all the rushing around preparing for the wedding to thank you for your role in our blessed day. It means the world to us to have our marriage blessed and we have waited a long time for this day to finally arrive. We also appreciate your words of counsel during our meeting. It was very beneficial to our relationship. (Marisol [Lara] & Jose Gutierrez @ Piedmont Community Hall, Oakland, CA. 2004/03/27)


2003/10/29 Dear Father Coelho, Thank you so much for officiating at our marriage. Your special touch to the ceremony enhanced the experience for everyone. Richard and I enjoyed getting to know you. We were so happy that you were able to also attend our rehearsal. May God bless you today and everyday. Sincerely Trish Wilson. (Patricia Ann Sean & Richard Allen Wilson @ Hayes Mansion, San Jose, CA. 2003/10/18)


2003/09/10 Hello Father Coelho, Thank you again for the wonderful ceremony you performed at our wedding. We are so blessed to have a wonderful wedding and marriage. I have a question about our license. You sent in the License and I have to request a copy from the County Clerk? I'm just a little confused. I guess I'm just confused about what I have to do. Thanks Again. Leah Wolles & Ricardo Allen (@ Hotel de Anza, San Jose, CA. 2003/06/22)


2003/04/12 Father Coelho, Jim and I got the marriage license yesterday. I remember discussing what you wanted us to do regarding delivering the license to you, but I can't remember what the conclusion was. Let me know if you have special instructions or if we should just bring the license on the day of the wedding. Thanks, and we20ll see you in two weeks! Erin Peirce (Erin Ann Peirce & James Joseph Vito @ Fort Mason Chapel, San Francisco, CA. 2003/04/26)


2003/02/16 "I have been privileged to officiate at hundreds of wedding ceremonies in ancient shrines, beautiful churches, awesome gardens, remote forests and serene beaches. I have prepared bi-racial and interfaith couples, young and old couples, but to this day I have not married a couple whose combined age is over 170, and I ask myself "Why did Jesus choose me for this privileged event? How hast He made me equal unto them?" From Fr. Coelho's homily : marriage of the Elderly ...  delivered during the Nuptial Eucharist uniting Ida Cambesi and George Dowling [1912-2005] at St. John's Church in Hayward, CA, USA.


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2003/01/01 Dear Father Coelho, Thank you very much for officiating our wedding ceremony. You were right to say not to worry that you would ensure that it would go well, and it did! We have been given many compliments regarding the ceremony particularly the manner in which you conducted it. We thank you for helping us create s wonderful memory that will forever be with us. May God bless you! Take care and Happy New Year! Love Indelisa & Arun. P.S. Please excuse our lateness in thanking you! (Indelisa Carillo & Arun Ramanathan @ Dunsmuir Gardens, Oakland, CA. 2002/07/28) - The picture was taken during the Hindu ceremony



2002/12/28 Dear Fr. Ariosto, We thought you might like a small remembrance [picture] of the happiest day of our life  and with God you helped to make it special. For this you will always have a special place in our hearts. ... You are in our thoughts & prayers. Peace! Sincerely Kathy [Majorca] & Martin Cruz (@ El Buen Pastor Parish, Redwood City, CA. 2002/12/28)


2002/10/06 Fr. Coelho, We’re both honored and blessed to have you baptize our twin daughters today, eight years after you married us. It means so much. Thank you for agreeing to do the service in our backyard. What a very special day this is for our family. You’re a big part of this day. Sincerely, Shannen & James Enos. Castro Valley, CA.


2002/09/14 Dear Father, Thank you so much for officiating at our wedding – your kind words helped make our day very memorable. We’re glad you could play such a special part in making our dream come true. Respectful, Mr. & Mrs. M. Modesti (Julie Anderson Skopp & Michael Angelo Modesti @ Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, CA.)


2002/06/21 "Happiness in marriage is not something that just happens: a good marriage must be created." From Fr. Coelho's RITUAL Celebrating the Love of Heather LeAnn Kennedy and Timothy Wayne Rantz at Sand Harbor on Lake Tahoe in Nevada.


2002/06/02 Dear Fr. Ariosto, It was so nice to meet with you yesterday. We felt very comfortable and cared for. We are happy you will be part of our most joyous day. Your insights and comments were taken and given with love. Warm thoughts Karen and Ken from Hayward, CA (Karen Francone & Ken Hart @Rockaway Beach, Pacifica, CA 2002/09/21.)


2002/04/28 Fr. Coelho, Thank you so much for blessing us on this very wonderful day. Your warmth and wisdom have meant a lot to us. Best regards, Kelley & Jose (Kelley Marie Versteegh & Jose Alberto Neves Jr. @ Enotria Café & Bar, Sacramento, CA.)


2001/10/14 Dear Fr. Ariosto, We very much enjoyed to celebrate our wedding together with you. On June 23rd we promised to love and support each other for the rest of our lives and we hope you will continue to be our witness. We thank you very much for the beautiful service in the Presidio Chapel (San Francisco, CA). Everybody was very touched by your warm words. We also thank you for the beautiful collage you sent us after the wedding. Clemens and Wei from Ann Arbor, MI. (Wei Li & Clemens Sialm @ Presidio Interfaith Chapel, San Francisco, CA. 2001/06/23)


2001/08/18 Dear Father Ariosto, Thank you so much for helping us celebrate our wedding on August 18th. We felt very comfortable with you leading us through this emotional ceremony of love. Our guests were very impressed by you, and many said it was the best ceremony they have ever seen, the way you drew the guests into the celebration. Thank you again. Tom and Natalie. (Natalie Jo Huening & Thomas Paul Cameron @ California Golf Club, South San Francisco, CA.)


2001/07/22 Dear Father Ariosto, Thank you so very much for being with us for Kate and Patrick’s wedding. The ceremony was beautiful and we appreciate your personal involvement with our young people ... they are so special to us, and we feel very fortunate that they found you to solemnize their celebration of marriage. George and I are sorry we didn’t have time to talk with you after the ceremony, but we know you had a busy schedule. We are grateful for your blessings on our children. Sincerely, Lucia and George Foster. (Kathleen Brooks Foster & Patrick Timothy Blue @ Berkeley Faculty Club, Berkeley, CA. 2001/07/21)


2000/08/15 Fr. Coelho, We just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you again for the performing our ceremony. You did such a great job, and we still hear compliments on how you brought the guests into the ceremony. Once again thank you so much. Angelo & Stacey. (Stacey Nadine Starback & Angelo Gorgulho @ Elks Lodge, Gilroy, CA. 2000/07/21)

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Priestly Ministry with the Breath of the Risen Christ : Integral Health, Wealth and Stealth


 1993/12/04 "My dear Alan and Karen: As you embark on THE ADVENTURE OF MARRIED LIFE today, may the WORD OF GOD be a lamp on YOUR PATH TO LOVE AND HAPPINESS. May the prophetic and mystical radiance of God shine on your faces, on the faces of your children and of all those near and dear to you. May you discover and live the most appropriate messages in the readings which you chose for the Eucharistic Liturgy of this your Nuptial Celebration." From Fr. Coelho's HOMILY : My Beloved is Mine ... delivered during the Nuptial Eucharist uniting Karen Coelho and Alan Viegas at St. Michael RC Church in Taleiganv, Goa, India.


1981/02/04 Fr. Coelho assists his parents Xavierito Coelho [1900-'87] & Valdemira Reis Fernandes [1907-'94] as they exchange their Golden Wedding Vows and Rings and his younger brother Rosarito Coelho weds Nimmi Cana during the Nuptial Eucharist at Our Lady of the Rosary Church in Navelim, Goa, India.


 "May your silence

 be comfortable. ... Viva!"

 Fr. Coelho's Toast

 to all couples in love.




 The Silver Wedding Celebration of Rosarito Coelho & Nimmi Cana in Aquem, Goa, India.



 Rosarito & Nimmi Coelho's

 son Rohan weds Marushka

Rebello in Margao, Goa, India.


moimāshram, God's Church of Universal Delight = Mandala/Shelter of GLORY [Lk 2/14]



1987-08-12 “I have always admired the love and dedication with which Fr. Ariosto has gone about his work. He knows how to enthuse everyone young and old; he is generous, kind and forgiving; he dreams of a great many things for the youth of Goa. With his fluency in Hindi, English and Konkani he could relate easily with everyone and understand them deeply. But what I like best is the sense of dignity as human persons he gave to the boys and girls who passed through Sulcorna. No wonder Sulcorna has always been a happy family for each of them. He promoted their all-round development in studies, games, dramatics and work. In this way he showed himself a wonderful educator of the young, especially of the rural poor.” Fr. Chrysanthus Saldanha, SDB, Salesian Provincial of Bombay.


1977-05-30 “FAREWEL AND GOOD LUCK Dear and Rev. Fr. Ariosto. This is a small remembrance of ours for you to keep. We all wish you the best of Luck, and a bright future. With lots of Love. From all the members of the DBYC Pratapnagar. God bless you always. May 30, 1977.” Leadership, Families and Youth of Don Bosco Youth Center, Baroda, Gujarat, India.


1967-70 Social and Youth work in Tamil Villages

Mirror 92 - An excerpt from "PRAY FOR ME" Autobiographical Sketches [2017]

          On Sunday afternoons during the Novitiate year [1967-68] at The Retreat in Yercaud near Salem in Tamilnadu, I accompanied fellow novices and other youth workers in order to do youth work in the style of Don Bosco, called Oratory. I was assigned to Kovilmedu Oratory near the local Parish Church building. Oftentimes we had to go from house to house to collect these Tamil boys and girls, divide them into suitable groups and organize activities for them. At the close of two hours we arranged a snack for them and offered them moral or religious education. The following year 1968-69, I opted for more Oratory work and was sent to Langlipet and a few other villages. We walked to and from these villages.

          It was customary to give the youth, their siblings and parents who showed up, a gift around Christmas. One year the Salesians at The Sacred Heart College at The Retreat had received woolen clothes, a gift from Europe. The Superiors decided that warm clothes or overcoats would make a reasonably good gift, since during the Winter months it gets cold in and around Yercaud, a hill station. Almost all those who showed up at the Oratory that Christmas were gifted an overcoat, some were oversize and did not fit well. The following Sunday, the poor boys and girls who had never worn overcoats in their life, showed up at the Oratory wearing nothing but their warm woolen overcoats, not even underwear. Everyone was amused!

          In my final year [1969-70] at The Sacred Heart College of Philosophy and Humanities, I chose to lead a team on bicycles to the farm village of Hawthorne, about 6 kms away from The Retreat, where we resided. I recall how on the very first visit, my bicycle got punctured and there was no way to repair the tire or replace the rubber tube. After walking alone with my bicycle for over a km on stony roads in a hilly, dark and isolated terrain, I sought the assistance of a local priest, who managed a Coffee Farm. I am grateful that he drove me back in his Jeep.

          I also recall that during the Summer of 1969 along with a few students of philosophy I opted to spend ten days and ten nights at the Omalur Leprosarium near Salem. Not only did we assist the professionals in the treatment offered to the patients that showed up at the Leprosarium, but we also traveled with them to the villages within a radius of ten kilometers and reached out to the lepers and families living in those areas. We had regular sessions de-briefing and reflecting in prayer on our experiences.

          I am grateful that from the age of sixteen I began to learn in practice how to be of service to the unreachable and the poorest of the poor, especially the young.



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