-“Let My Light shine through you, now.”

-Finding Perfection in Imperfection

-Spirituality for the Contemporary Soul

-The day the Universe embraced me as never before       

-Awaken the eternal energy present in every human being


Themes for 360 Mirrors of Wholenes

A        Autobiographical Sketches [storylines and photo images]

C        Christian Prayers and Catholic Rituals       

E        Experiential Expressions [Diary Writings, Poems and Quotes]

F         F/Philosophical Musings [include Interfaith Perspectives]

G        Guides and Leaders [include Persons and New Directions]

H        Pastoral Homilies [include Speeches and Toasts]

L        Letters [include personal and generic ones]

M       Mindful Meditations [include Practices and Poems]

N        Written Narratives [could include many of the themes]

P         Practices and Rituals [include Meditations and Poems]

R        Research Papers [include Case Studies and Articles]

S         Amazing Stories



1902-67 Aquem, Lonavla, Shillong and Yercaud, India

          Siblings, their Families and other Relatives

1868-77 A Salesian in Lonavla, Bombay, Bangalore and Baroda

1978-87 A Priest in Sulcorna & Councilor to Provincial of Bombay

1988-93 New Directions in Rome, Lyon, Chicago and San Francisco

1994-     A Priest married to Vivian in the SF Bay Area, California

1997-     A Licensed Psychotherapist and Interfaith Spiritual Director

1960-     An Integral Artist: Oil Paintings, Exhibitions and Awards

1993-     An Author: Integral Circles, Integral Art, Integral Journey, …

2013  Siblings, their Families and Other Relatives


Chapter 1

Breath as Prayer or Wholeness

Simply free and fully empty

Mirror         Page

N1: God loves the world through you and me         1

N2: Happiness as gratitude is wholeness or harmony       2

G3: Happiness is a mandala of peace for a civilization with a heart      3

N4: Along the Path to Happiness, “another book?” 3

S5: A Witness to Life-transforming Decisions       4

N6: Why a book on Prayer?      6

A7: Wholeness as in "Be ye perfect..."(Mt. 5/48)   7

N8: A Garland of Imperfections          8

G9: One Hundred Years from now               9

E10: Wholeness is breathing fullness with the universe    10

E11: Wholeness is breathing emptiness with the universe 11

N12: Here’s my promise to you 11

E13: The Power of the Breath and My Magic Synthesis   12

E14: My message: Simply Free! Fully Empty!       12


Chapter 2

With the Breath of the Risen Christ

Abba, Maranatha, Shalom, Ooteeshbokhta

Mirror         Page

N15: “Does the Pope have a Boss?”   14

G16: How Jesus Became God            15

N17: The Transformative Power of the Breath       15

N18: The Christian Way of the Breath 16

E19: Jesus’ breath is God’s breath - divine union   16

M20: Praying with Abba -Unconditional Acceptance       17     

M21: Praying with Maranatha – Welcome Resilience       18

M22: Praying with Shalom – Peaceful Impermanence      18

M23: Praying with Ooteeshbokhta – Glorious Celebration         19

           with the mind of a teacher

A24: With love from many Teachers in Aquem      19

A25: Attracted to become an Educator and a Social Worker      20

A26: Teaching Math, Hindi, Latin and Morals       20

A27: Learning to educate the young in Italy, France, USA, …   21

A28: Collaborating with Excellent Teachers in California 21

P29: Today, Praying with the mind of a teacher      23

           with the HEART OF A HEALER

A30: A variety of healing practices at home in Aquem     23

A31: Grateful to all who have cared for me with the Salesians   25

A32: Family Therapy and Art Psychotherapy in California        26

P33: Today, Praying with the mind of a healer       28

           with the SOUL OF AN ARTIST

A34: At Home: My Pencil Drawing is an Icon for Prayer 28

A35: From simple notice boards to major art exhibitions  29

A36: Integral Art and Mandalas in California         29

A37: Art Therapy and the San Bruno Painting Group       30

G38: More Inspirational Artists 31

A39: My Integral art awakens the soul to the spiritual      32

P40: Today, Praying is bringing Light with Delight 32

      with the ZEAL OF A PRIEST

A41: “Give me souls, take away the rest.” Don Bosco     33

G42: The Heart of the Priesthood       33

A43: Conflicts as a Married Catholic Priest  34

A44: A wounded healer finding Perfection in imperfection        35

A45: The Healing Circle [Awakens the Infinite Power of Hope] 36

A46: The Mystic Circle [Balances the Intimacy of Love] 37

A47: The Empty Circle [centers the Integrity of Faith]     37

A48. The Painting Circle [energizes Impermanence]        38

A49. The Giving Circle [Delights In-harmony]      38

P50: Praying with the Zeal of Priest today    39


Chapter 3

First Breaths in Aquem, Goa

Gratitude and happiness in-harmony

Mirror         Page

A51: 1950 My 18th Great Grandfather Tipú Santú Naik Sardessai

Padre Sebastião Coelho and Roman Catholic Baptism     41

G52: 1951 St. Joseph of Nazareth: God’s Clown    41

G53: 1952 “Seek the kingdom of God” like St. Xavier and St. Vaz      42

A54: 1953 My earliest recollections in Aquem Baixo       43

P55: 1954 Lesson 1 Mãe taught me: A Mandala of Infinity        44

A56: 1955 Reminiscences of Pandvam Copel        44

A57: 1956 Pai, my Dad, a tower of power    45

G58: 1957 Lesson 2 Mãe taught me: A Mandala of Intimacy     45

A59: 1958 Fire! Fire!      46

A60: 1959 Escola Primaria de Santa Terezinha in Aquem-Alto  47

           Spiritual Direction IN AQUEM

G61: Breath 3.1 - with the discipline of my Father – Pai   48

G62: Breath 3.2 - with the love of my Mother – Mãe        48

E63: No better gift Valdemira Fernandes e Coelho - A Poem 1995      49

N64: Breath 3.3 with the inspiration of my Siblings         50

A65: Babush - José Valentim, Xavier do Rosario Coelho 50

N66: Minduche - Angela Analia Coelho       51

A67: Silbai - Candida Silvia Fernandes        52

A68: Terezinha - Manisha Kauntankar         52

A69: Baizita - Angela de Imaculada Ana Fernandes         53

A70: Avit - Avita Antonieta Bernardina Monteiro  53

A71: Rosarito - José Antonio Sebastiao Lucas X. do R. Coelho 54

A72: Marzep - Anita Naiar       55

N73: Pai’s immediate family     55

N74: Mãe’s immediate family  56

A75:  Breath 3.4 - with the support of Contemporary Neighbors 56

           The Circle of Vivian - My Family Circle in San Bruno, CA      57

N76: Universal, Integral, Interfaith, Neutral Spiritual Direction 57

G77: True to Self, inspired to accompany others    58


Chapter 4

33 Years with Don Bosco

At the service of the young and the poor

Mirror         Page


A78: 1960 How the Risen Christ led me to Don Bosco    59

A79: Harem, toram, papod - Eating well?     60

A80: Evidently, I felt homesick 61

G81: 1961 How Don Bosco loved me and attracted me    61

A82: 1961-12-19 A day that changed the History of Goa  62


A83: 1962 The Nazir Bungalow         63

A84: 1963 At a loss for words in Portuguese and Konkani

          after learning English, Latin, Hindi and Marathi     64

A85: Walks and Picnics to Scenic Lakes and Historic Caves      66

A86: 1964 A well-orchestrated move to the Tungarli Complex  67

A87: The first 100 residents and the visionary Fr. M. Casarotti  68

A88: 1965 Secondary School Leaving Certificate   68

A89: 1966 Pre-University at St. Anthony’s College in Shillong  69


A90: 1967-05-13 The Silver Rosary and Our Lady of Fatima    70

G91: 1968 My Mother’s Prayers and the Mandala of Integrity   71

A92: Social and Youth work in Tamil Villages       72

G93: 1970 Learning from talented and kind Salesians at Yercaud        73


A94: 1970-71 Challenging Assignments       74

G95: 1971-72 Lonavla: A Powerhouse of Prayer    75

C96: Spirituality and Life of Prayer then and now  76

P97: Integral Spirituality for the Breathing Soul today     77

E98: My Mandala Prayer - The Mirror of Wholeness                78     


A99: 1972-73 Towards a B. A. with Honors in Hindi Literature 78

R100: Rahasyavād or mysticism in Kabir’s Poems 79

A101: 1973-74 Secretary to the SDB Provincial of Bombay      80

A102: Savio, Bosco, Rua Clubs and other Activities for Youth  80

A103: Final Religious Profession at the Shrine to DB’s Madonna        81


A104: 1974-77 Preparing to lead the RC Church in India 82

A105: Liberation through Study, Reflection, Action and Prayer 83

G106: Spiritual Retreats and Spiritual Guidance     83

E107: Spiritual Direction with Swami Bede Griffiths       84

G108: Fully Indian and authentically Christian      85

          Inspired and guided by

G109: The Rev. Dr. Duraiswami Amalorpavadass 85

G110: The Rev. Fr. Edward Corcoran, SDB 86

G111: The Rev. Fr. Tony D’Souza, SDB      86

G112: The Rev. Fr. Dennis Duarte, SDB      87

G113: Swami or Dom Bede Griffiths  87

G114: The Rev. Dr. Sylvanus Sngi Lyngdoh, SDB 88

G115: The Rev. Dr. Mathew Maruvatharayil, SDB 89

G116: The Rev. Fr. Michael Mascarenhas, SDB    89

G117: The Rev. Fr. Aurelius Maschio, SDB 89

G118: The Rev. Dr. Thomas Pazhayampallil, SDB 90

G119: The Rev. Dr. Paul Puthenangady, SDB        90

G120: The Very Rev. Msgr Vincent Scuderi, SDB 90

G121: The Rev. Dr. Joseph Thekkedath, SDB        90

G122: The Rev. Dr. Dominic Veliath, SDB  91

A123: 1975-77 Summer Ministries and Experiences        91

A124: Holy Week and Easter as a Deacon in Baroda, Gujarat    92

A125: My Missionary Journeys in Gujarat   92

A126: Founding the Don Bosco Youth Center at Makarpura      93

E127: 1977 October, I accept to be ordained a Priest        94

A128: 1977 November, Immediate Steps towards Ordination    95

E129: 1977-12-21 - Mandalas In-harmony   96

E130: The Days that follow …  98

           IN SULCORNA, GOA

           Kristapurana in Sulcorna 1978-87

A131: 1978 On Good Friday I was introduced at Don Bosco Farm      99

A132: The miracles I witnessed and the challenges we faced      100

A133: “Fr. Ariosto, thank you for not destroying the farm.”       101

A134: Pia Sociedade Salesiana at the Supreme Court of India    102

A135: Rural developments in the villages around Sulcorna        102

G136: Leadership and Challenges as DBAEC grows and glows 103

G137: Leadership in the Archdiocese of Goa          103

N138: Assisted Fr. Edwin D'Souza or Premananda Salgaonkar 104

E139: Edited The Song of Sulcorna             104  

N140: A brief History of Sulcorna [1948-87] 105

N141: I am Grateful to all the SDBs   106

N142: I am Grateful to the Helpers of Mary           107

N143: I am Grateful to the Lay Collaborators         107

N144: I am Grateful to All Benefactors, Well-wishers, … 108

N145: I am Grateful to the First 150 Students at DBF High School      108

S146: Recalling a few adventures in the wild with Br. Ludvik             110

S147: More adventures in the wild with Fr. Moja and others      111

R148: Stories of Terror, Trauma and Transformation       112

S149: The Little, the Lowly, the Lonely and the Lost       114

A150: Stories of Faith in God and Trust in Humanity      117

N151: The land of resilient optimism? 118

N152: Easter on May 30th 1987?       120

L153: Where the Song is Optimistic   121

A154: 1982-88 Vision and Action as a Provincial Councilor      122

N155: Spiritual Direction in the Bombay Province 123

A156: Called to conduct Spiritual Retreats for youth and adults 124

E157: Prayerful insights during my Spiritual Retreats      124

N158: Salesian Provincials' Conference of India in Sulcorna               126

A159: Last Thanksgiving Mass as a Provincial Councilor 126

          Thank you fellow Provincial Councilors

G160: The Rev. Fr. Elias Dias, SDB, Economer     127

G161: The Rev. Fr. Anthony Byron D’Silva, SDB 127

G162: The Rev. Dr. Joaquim D’Souza, SDB 127

G163: The Rev. Fr. Romulo Noronha, SDB           128

G164: The Rev. Fr. Loddy Pires, SDB, Vice-Provincial   128

G165: Dr. Thomas Puthur, SDB         128

G166: The Rev. Dr. Chrysanthus Saldanha, SDB, Provincial     129

           IN ROME, ITALY

A167: 1987-88 My Second Novitiate           129

G168: Seeking spiritual direction from Fr. Herbert Alphonso, SJ         130

A169: Showers of Blessings after Pai’s death on Nov 6, 1987    131

A170: 1988-89 My Personal Vocation and Don Bosco     134

E171: The Void of Nothingness 135

R172: Don Bosco - A spiritual master and writer   136

Mandalas, Personal Mythology and Midlife Spirituality


A173: 1989-90 Ministry in the Archdiocese of San Francisco    137

R174: 1990-93 Further Search through Research

          at the Loyola University of Chicago [LUC]  139

R175: At the University of San Francisco [USF]    139

R176: At the California Institute of Integral Studies [CIIS]        140

R177: This doctoral dissertation is my story 141

E178: From the center of the mandala of my Life             142

E179: From the dying disciple to the dance of delight      142

G180: Towards a civilization with a heart     143

E181: Where “That is infinite, and this is infinite!”          144

E182: With my magic synthesis of recognition - pratyābhijña              144

E183: With the mandalic vibrations of the Cosmic-Clown 145

G184: Book Reviews               146

G185: Foreword by P. R. Dubashi, Ph.D., D.Litt.   146


Chapter 5

A Catholic Priest Married to Vivian

Living in San Bruno, California

Mirror         Page

N186: A dedication to the brave souls who marry priests 148

A187: How the Risen Christ led me to Vivian        148

A188: More encounters and heart moments  149

A189: Torn between love, freedom, duty and fear  149

A190: Vivian visits Goa in India        150

A191: Victims of terrorism in unholy Holy Land             151

A192: The Pearl of Great Price 152

          Steps with the Heart of Flesh

L193: My Letter of Resignation to Archbishop Quinn      153

A194: 1993-09-30 Vivian re-visits Goa        154

H195: 1993-10-16 A Tribute to the Wonders of Love                 155

L196: Draft of a Letter to Pope John Paul II on 1993-11-01       156

L197: Greetings for Thanksgiving and Christmas   158

L198: Good luck? bad luck? who knows!     159

L199: The Lord has plans for your prosperity         160

L200: Your goodness knows no bounds       160

L201: One and all, I thank you very much    161

L202: Graceful, grateful, peaceful, playful now      162

L203: The state of affairs in Goa today        162

L204: 1993-11-25 Undoing a lease of land in Goa  163

H205: 1993-12-04 "My Beloved is mine and I am His."             165

A206: Deceit? A secret that I was not at liberty to reveal  166

N207: Priests who followed their hearts       167

A208: Beyond Vatican Bureaucracy - Freedom!     167

A209: How the Risen Christ led me to the Altar with Vivian      169

F210: New Perspectives on the Catholic Tradition 170

A211: We asked Bishop Dittler, OSB, to officiate at our wedding       172

N212: The Wedding Liturgy and the participants             172

A213: My life changed significantly for the worse - Crucifixion?        173

A214: Towards gainful employment   174

A215: 1994-97 Associate Pastor at Christ Church  175

H216: A Homily on ‘Conflict in Heaven’     175

N217: 1995-97 San Francisco International Airport Operations

           Project Manager, Procedural Writer, Emergency Chaplain        177

N218: 1995-97 Learning to become a Marriage and Family

           Psychotherapist [LMFT] and a Clinical Art Therapist      178

R219: The aging population and the experience of life satisfaction

          AN INTERFAITH Chaplain: Clinical & Pastoral Education      180

N220: 1997-98 CPE at LPCH and Stanford University Hospital  180

E221: A variety of Clinical Experiences & Pastoral Encounters 181

R222: What was JB asking for? Preliminaries & Interactions     182

R223: What was JB asking for? during the first visit        184

R224: What was JB asking for? during the last visit         186

R225: What was JB asking for? Multidisciplinary Staff interactions    187

R226: What was JB asking for? Personal Learnings         188

R227: Pastoral Considerations and Implications     189

R228: Spiritual Assessment [SA] using Fletcher’s categories     189

R229: SA Using categories from Coelho’s Circle of the Spirit   190

R230: Theological Reflections           191

R231: Ethical and Social Justice Issues        191

R232: The Meaning of JB’s Request  192

R233: Synthetic Verifications   193

R234: Pastoral Implications      195

R235: The Chaplain re-visits JB’s dilemma  196

R236: Concluding Observations          197  


Chapter 6

Spiritual Directions

Paths to Happiness: health, harmony, heaven

Mirror         Page

N237: 1998 Multi-lingual Spiritual Director    199

E238: The ABCD of Spiritual Direction       200

E239: An Interfaith Guru or Integral Coach or Counselor 200

E240: A. We are born happy!             201

E241: B. We are the power to be happy!                201

E242: C. We are the change and choose to be happy!       201

E243: D. We are the delight along the path to happiness! 202

N244: I am grateful to these organizations    202

A245: 1999 A citizen of the U. S. A.   203

L246: President’s letter from the White House in Washington, DC      204

F247: Perspectives on Voting and Politics in America today      205

F248: Justice, Compassion and the Politics of Jesus         205

          Spiritual leadership in the church

H249: A Homily on Spiritual Leadership in the Church Today            207

H250: The Contemporary religious scenario and Laughter         207

H251: Many seekers are looking for the “spiritual” 208

H252: The search for the authentic Jesus      209

H253: “Remember works of love are works of peace.”     210

N254: 2000-03 Executive Director, CHM SCV at Campbell      210

N255: 20,000 hours of visits to the elderly in Santa Clara Valley         211

N256: 2001 Moima Ashram: The Shelter of Glory 212

N257: 2002 Celebrating 25 years of Priesthood      213

H258: Introductory Words at the Silver Jubilee Eucharist 214

H259: Significant intersections of interventions     215

G260: Led in prayer by representatives of various Organizations         215

G261: Renewal of Priestly Commitment & Installation as Rector        216

N262: A History of St. John’s Parish Church in Hayward, CA   217

L263: A letter from the Rector on Sep. 17, 2006    218

H264: "Be not therefore anxious for the morrow."  219

G265: Deceased Members of St. John’s Church     221

H266: Mrs. Marie Lyman Elvidge (1913 + 2007)   222

H267: Dr. Mary Margaret Castle [1920-2015]        224

N268: 2003 Goa Sudharop -For the betterment of Goa and Goans       225

H269: 2004 A Christmas Homily: Birthing Divine Conscience 227

H270: The birth of Jesus of Nazareth 2000 years ago       227

H271: Today the birth of the Christ in our World             228

H272: But who is this Lord?     229

H273: 2005 An Easter Homily: Staying Young Today     230

H274: The challenge of the resurrection of Christ for us   230

H275: Today is the only explosion that truly matters        231

A276: 2006 Zen Meditation at the Crystal Springs Sangha [CSS]        232

A277: 1. When did you first perceive unhappiness?   233

A278: 2. What led you to join the CSS for zazen?  233

A279: 3. How long have you been meditating?      233

A280: 4. What have you learned over these 8 months?     234

N281: 2007 Charter Change Agent with SMC Youth Services   235

P282: ‘R’ steps in dealing with Resistances  236

R283: A key to the healing alliance in parent-child relationships 237

R284: The Healing Alliance               238

R285: Empathetic Detachment 240

A286: 2008 Conferences, Exhibitions and Training Sessions     240

F287: 2009 Integral Yoga, Samadhi, Union with God & Atheism        242

F288: Perspectives on the The Eightfold Path of Yoga     243   

F289: God: Glowing Connection or Darkness?       244

F290: Where God Dwells, the Soul Travels  245

R291: 2010 Integral Art [ISBN 978-0-615-40788-3]        247

G292: “The flowering of a multi-petal personality.” Tony D’Souza     247

G293: “If you are ready to perceive who you are not.” R. Dittler 248

G294: “A mediator of shadow and light.” Jeri McGovern 248

G295: “For a peaceful and delightful living.” Joseph Salema     248

G296: “Enlightenment through Art.” Dolcy D’Cruz         249

E297: 2011 Krishna Gopal Bakshi      249

M298: An Integral Funeral on August 19, 2011     250

M299: The Transformation of Krishna into Universal Light       252

A300: 2012 Myocardial Infarction on Sept. 3         253

L301: A letter to family in Goa on October 20, 2012        254

L302: An Update in my Easter letter 2016    256


N303: 2013 Marriage: Psychological and Spiritual Perspectives  257

H304: The Magic Ability to Share Life and Intimacy       257

F305: The Power of the Subconscious Mind and the Universe   258

P306: Recommendations for lasting marital bliss   260

H307: 2013 A Wedding Toast in Verna, Goa, India 261

R308: 2014 2000 Years of Art from the Heart in San Bruno, CA         264

A309: Art Exhibitions and Awards     265

H310: A five-minute presentation on June 14, 2013         266


N311: 2015 Retiring as a Psychiatric Social Worker from SMC 268

H312: As I retire from BHRS: Three Dreams                               268                          

N313: Thank you Colleagues and Clients     272

S314: Stories beyond health, wealth and stealth     273

S315: Between more Mothers and Sons       275

F316: Integral Innocence - the essence of Psychotherapy 276

A317: 2016 A reflection re Good Friday -Pierced by a Ray of Love     277

L318: 2017 Into the Mirror of the Future: The 7 P Gospels         280


Chapter 7

Moimāshram: The Shelter of Glory

Integral Workshops, Practices and Prayers

Mirror         Page

E319: Towards a civilization with a heart     283

E320: Four Haikus or 17 Syllabic Verses     283

A321: Workshops at St. Joseph’s Workshop 283

M322: A Meditative Practice - A 12" magenta colored dahlia    284

M323: A Breathing Practice - Three Breaths of Mindfulness     285

P324: A Daily Practice: Spectrum of Negativity or Positivity     286

P325: “Laugh Therapy” - Laugh and the World Laughs with you        288

P326: “Art Therapy” – Drawing and Coloring the Light Within 289

P327: Two Integral Workshops - Awakening the Light    290

P328: Practices from My Garden - How to lead a happy life       292

P329: Daily Affirmations for Seekers and Doubters alike 292

           Heartfelt Practices for Believers in Christ

C330: Praying with Jesus: The Mystical Lord’s Prayer     294

C331: Praying with Words [Lectio Divina]   295

M332: Praying without words [Silence]                  295

C333: Praying with Pope Francis' Five Finger Prayer       296

C334: Praying with the Rhythm of Jesus’ Breath.   297

M335. Praying as you Enfold your Soul - Forgiveness     297

M336: Praying as you Grow with Knowledge - Gratitude 297

M337: Praying as you Glow with Gratitude - Harmony    297

M338: Praying with the Gift of this Book - Mirroring Wholeness         298

A339: Towards a Sacramental Spirituality of Excrement  298

H340: How to convert your Restroom into a Spiritual Shrine     299

A341: Tantum ergo, what an amazing scandal!       299

A342: Towards a Spirituality of Grief – Disappointment? 300

E343: Jesus of Nazareth - A Poem on 2013-06-13  301

H344: Towards a Trinitarian Spirituality for Adult Believers       302

E345: Beyond Diversity, Integral Being - A Poem on 2011-11-11       303

F346: With Diversity, Recognition of Wholeness on 2016-05-24         304

H347: Towards a Marian Spirituality for Christian Teenage Girls        305

L348: Towards a Spirituality for Young Optimists 307

L349: Are you ready to face the world? Dear iGen-er      308

G350: The Nones are Alright -Perspectives by Kaya Oakes       310

G351: Church Leaders and iGen-ers - Teaching Moments          311

           Spirituality of Listening to the World

G352: Listening to Revelation: World Myths                                       312

G353: Listening to Inspiration: World leaders        314

G354: With the mind of a Teacher -Mohandas K. Gandhi           314

G355: With the heart of a Healer -Teresa of Calcutta         316

G356: With the soul of an Artist -Pablo Picasso      318

G357: With the zeal of a Priest -Pope John Paul II  320

G358: Please pray with me -For you are a world leader!    322

G359: May the world be our prayer    323   

E360: May prayer rule the world - A Poem on 2016-06-18         325



-“Laugh with me, make the world whole.   326

-Jesus’ laughter in history is God’s laughter in eternity    326

-With laughter as trust on the path to a civilization with a heart  327

-Laughter as Happiness: A Mirror that mirrors all Mirrors 329



A. Author Adv. Ariosto Xavier do Rosario Coelho 331

B. Tipú Santú Naik Sardessai and the Land of the Pandavas      333

C. Fr. Ariosto Xavier Coelho welcomes the first SDBs to India           335

D. The Nicene Creed of the Apostles  337

E. The Creed revised for the humanists by Mary Johnson 337

F. Mysteries of the Rosary                  338

G. A letter on Ash Wednesday, February 9, 2005   339

H. A Reflection on December 21, 2015        341



Chapter 1    344

Chapter 2    345

Chapter 3    348

Chapter 4    350

Chapter 5    357

Chapter 6    361

Chapter 7    365

Conclusion  369

Appendices 370



The Rev. ARIOSTO J. COELHO, Ph. D., conducts Rituals, Workshops and blesses the faithful Phone: 650-952-9456

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