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2019/04/06 An Ecumenical Nuptial Celebration in San Carlos, CA - NADYA ANISIMOVA & BRIAN TIERNEY

2019/03/09 A Catholic Nuptial Celebration in Woodside, CA – JENNIFER BARNARD & MARK MATULICH

2019/03/03 A Catholic Baptism in Los Altos, CA - HALEY GWYNN



2018/10/06 A Catholic Nuptial Celebration in Sonoma, CA - KATHERINE CALVERT & BRADLEY LOGAN

2018/09/16 Sunday Eucharist in Hayward, CA - THE LITTLE FLOCK OF St. John's 1928 BCP Church

2018/05/19 A Catholic Nuptial Celebration in Salinas, CA - RUBY HERNANDEZ & CHRISTOPHER PEREZ






Wedding vows - A short video clip - Important part of our wedding - A part of our spiritual lives


A BRIDE'S PERSPECTIVE: "So then, what makes our Wedding Vows unique?"

Dearest Fr. Coelho, In the two or so months Mark and I have spent writing the vows, the issue that I frequently came up against was the notion that we repeatedly make vows to each other. We renew, exchange and enact our vows on a daily basis. Every action we take is part of a vow or a promise spoken or unspoken. In so many ways we are, and have been, married.  So then, what makes our wedding vows unique? What seemed to me to make these vows different were the presence of our family and friends. I don't mean that the vows are more relevant because we are being watched, rather that our wedding vows are not solely between us. This made me feel as though, what was of the most pressing importance was the universality of our vow. We are, in effect, vowing to be better people to each other and therefore, better people in our community. This idea was strongly aided by the discussion we had with you at our meeting, about the nature of spirituality. Mark feels that there is an intensity between those vowing (the bride and groom) that is partially present with the crowd. Either they identify with us or they feel our union. I feel that, no matter how they experience this intensity/intention, they are part of our union. It is as though we are simultaneously marrying our family/extended family (friends) and thus making a community. I feel this ceremony will be unique in that, never before have these exact people been in a room together. Many have never met, many feel they are there to bear witness or simply view the proceedings. I feel, though they will be spectators, they will be more than passengers. It's a very exciting thing to share your greatest love.  p.s. I wrote this all without crying! I've gotten a little better:) Thank you so much and God Bless. We really can't wait!! xoxo Sara Soon-to-be-Schieron [Vizcarrondo-Schieron @ San Jose, CA.]



A VIDEO CLIP: Here's a short Video clip from our wedding




Hi Fr. Ariosto, Hope all is well with you. We are doing great. We just received our wedding video and we couldn't be any happier. Watching it just reminded us of how much you were able to keep me (don't know about Matt) calm and relaxed....  Just wanted to thank you again for everything you did for us. Here's a short Video clip from our wedding that our videographer put together. Have a wonderful day. Dubravka Frost [Maric-Frost @ Sacramento  CA.]


A COUPLE'S FEEDBACK: "Thank you for being such an important part of our wedding."





Father Ariosto, Thank you for officiating our wedding. It was such a special day for both of us and the ceremony was beautiful. Thank you for incorporating all the rituals into the ceremony. Also, we really appreciated the pre-marriage counseling at your place. You are such a warm and welcoming person. Thank you for being such an important part of our wedding. We will always remember you. With much love, Anahi & Ben [Torres-Arreola @ Hillsborough, CA.]



A FAMILY IS GRATEFUL: "It means a lot that you have been a part of our spiritual lives."




Fr. Coelho, Thank you for being such an important part of James' [Baptism] day, as you were for Tony and I, and then again for Rose. It means a lot that you have been a part of our spiritual lives. Peace, love and much joy to you. Tony, Tina, Rose and James. [The Ghanem Family @ San Mateo, CA.]

who participated with me in various rituals and events all over the world.

"Very simply I define prayer as breathing with attention and intention.

As I breathe gracefully, gratefully, peacefully and playfully with the Holy Spirit

I surrender myself and everyone to God's Holy Breath - The Infinite Power of Love."



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